6 Things You Should Do Every Morning If You Always Wake Up Stressed

by Marilyn Devonish

We all know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning when you just want to keep sleeping.

So, as a hypnotherapist, I decided to round up some simple yet powerful morning life hacks that have absolutely transformed the lives of my clients.

Taking just minutes to do, these tips can change the focus, direction, trajectory and outcome of your entire day physically, emotionally and mentally.

Here are six things to do if you wake up every morning feeling stressed:

1. Be still.

Taking a few moments to come to and be more aware of your surroundings and remnants of thoughts can be much more peaceful way to start the day than leaping into frenetic or stressful activity.

If you are someone who wants to remember more of your dreams, this can be a pivotal part in the process because immediate activity or stressful thoughts invokes a different set of brainwaves.

2. Breathe.

Now, of course you've been breathing all night, otherwise you wouldn't have woken up. But, this is breathing with the intention of oxygenating the body, clearing out toxins and waking up your neurology and brain.

If you already have a current breathing practice, use it. If not, you might want to borrow one called Ha Breathing from Hawaiian Huna.

Take a deep breath in through the nose, and at the same time, let your stomach gently expand outward.

Breathe out with an open mouth and make a “Haaa” sound as the stomach deflates and you clear your lungs.

Repeat this process six to 10 times. It clears out toxins and improves both your mental clarity and physical energy levels.

3. Make a gratitude list.

Before you leap into action and headlong into the day, spend a couple of minutes identifying 10 things you are grateful for.

This can be anything from being grateful for the air you breathe to something cool that happened yesterday.

Making a mental list while you're lying in bed is fine, and the next level is to keep a Gratitude Journal and write them down.

I've had clients go from waking up depressed each morning to leaping out of bed with an excitement about the day as a result of using the process consistently for just seven days.

4. Set your intention.

Spending just 30 to 60 seconds thinking about and getting clarity on your intention for the day can change the whole dynamic on your day.

Keep your focus on what you want. For example, rather than hoping that it's not going to be another “miserable” day, focus on what the opposite of that would be for you.

Whether that's a day of flow, joy, happiness, productivity or fun, make that the intention you focus on.

As soon as you start thinking about being happier or more joyful, your mind and body responds accordingly and you get a hit of dopamine (the feel good factor) to get you on your way.

5. Step over the threshold.

If you are in the midst of a challenging or depressing situation, as you get out of bed, imagine you are stepping over the threshold of the past and into a new scenario chapter of life or future.

Say something like, "As I step out of bed and my feet hit the floor, I now leave the past behind me and step into a new chapter and state of being" or words to that effect.

A bit like changing acts in a play, it can be amazing how different you feel stepping into a new day.

6. Expect greatness.

Expect great things to happen today. You don't have to specify exactly what those things are because that in and of itself can bring an immediate sense of stress or disappointment.

Instead, expect amazing, wonderful and miraculous things to happen, and be open to noticing them from the moment that you step out of bed.

If you are keeping a Gratitude Journal, every time something wonderful happens, write it down.

Within the space of 28 days, you will find yourself living in a whole different universe, where waking up becomes a pleasure and source of anticipatory joy.