You Shouldn't Stop A Relationship Just Because Your Signs Aren't Compatible

A lot of people may be initially turned off by not being astrologically compatible with their partner.

This is unfair because astrological make-up isn't merely composed of just one's sun sign; there's an entire chart. It's not in the star sign, it's in the astrology.

In fact, the most important planet to look at (in love) is Venus. Venus rules your love life and can indicate how you feel and act in relationships.

It sheds light on what you tend to do wrong in dating, and what you need to make the prime connection.

Your sun signs might not be compatible, but your Venus' could be and this will speak volumes to your connection and intimacy.

Having your Venus in each other's signs is an added perk, and rules for true love.

It's important to look at the big picture and not just one fine detail because everyone has a birth chart composed of elements (different signs) placed at different planets.

All of the planets represent different things and reveal various attributes and insights about a given person.

Each person is made up of the four elements, but some can entirely miss certain elements -- every chart is different.

An energy deficiency also reveals elements of identity.

You need the element of earth to stay grounded and form real commitments. It's possible to have your sun sign in air, and have the rest of your chart in fire.

This is why a couple can't be turned off by first read. We often ask, "What's your sign? Is it compatible with mine?" But the question should really be, "Who are you as a person? Do I like who that person is?"

Astrology is complex and bears many layers which speak to our human experiences.

I recently did a birth chart for a potential couple, who, based on their sun signs held a 70 percent compatibility rate as a Leo/Virgo pairing.

Once we completed the chart, we learned the male Virgo was actually a serious fire sign and this match had six planets in the same placement -- they were beyond compatible.

If you can't afford a professional birth chart, you can do the research yourself.

Find out what time you were born to calculate your rising sign. Your rising sign and your moon will help compose your identity, temperament and personality.

Look up your Moon (the drum of your life), Venus (how you love and interact), Mercury (the planet of communication) and Jupiter (planet of luck).

The commonly found informational astrology books are solid, and they're usually spot on with their knowledge. Just be sure to get a quality one.

Make a list and compare the elements in your chart to your partner. If you have a hard time forgetting which signs work with which, try to keep in mind you'll likely hit it off with anyone who's of your element.

For example, if you're a Leo, you'll get along with Aries and Sagittarius and potentially other Leos.

If the combo is right, fire likes fire, water likes water, earth likes earth and air likes air.

Earth needs water and water needs earth, so these signs are usually highly compatible. Pisces', Cancers and Scorpios usually get on well with Taureans, Capricorns and Virgos.

With the exception of opposite signs, Taurus and Scorpio are historically known for having great sex, but having issues over time. Virgo and Pisces can also be explosive, but toxic.

Fire signs also get along well with air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Water signs will clash with air signs.

There's a different level of prescribed compatibility for each sign, and despite their element, depending on the sign, this connection varies.

Though you'll probably see an astrological pattern in your life, if you assess your lovers and friendships you can potentially find a theme for each.

Certain energies are more likely to attract, and when someone is on your wavelength it does make a huge difference, especially in terms of communicating and creating real chemistry.

When you know how astrology works, you know to never assume. Always look up the birth chart.

Knowing your partner's astrology will help you understand them spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Regardless, astrology helps us understand our partners better and how we can relate to them better.