Sandwiches Are Sabotaging Your Diet, But It's Not Because Of The Bread

In my opinion, sandwiches are one of the best food inventions of all time. Whether it's a triple-stacked turkey club, a gooey grilled cheese, a bougie BLT or a precious PB&J with the crusts cut off, these things are basically the epitome of a perfect midday snack.

If you're like most people, sandwiches have probably been a staple in your diet since the good old days of slinging Disney lunch boxes back in grade school. But if you're still bringing your lunch to work every day, you might want to think twice before tossing another bologna sandwich in your brown bag.

Yep, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out your beloved sammies may be sabotaging your summer bod.

A study published in Public Health recently found people who eat sandwiches consume nearly 100 more calories than the days they don't eat them, plus sandwiches are high in fats and sodium, which doesn't help their case either.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking and no, surprisingly, bread isn't responsible for making sandwiches unhealthy. Apparently, the problem lies in the fact that most sandwiches contain lots of fatty, sodium-filled deli meats and a meager amount of vegetables. And let's be real, that one paper-thin slice of tomato on your BLT hardly counts as eating something healthy.

But that's not all. Live Science found people who stuff their faces with sandwiches on the reg also tend to eat a lot more sugar.

But before you swap out your roast beef sub for a boring bowl of kale, you should know these unfortunate findings don't necessarily mean you have to give up your sacred sandwiches for good. You just have to be smart about what you pile between those slices of bread.

Yep, if you simply can't go without your daily deli sandwich, you should go light on the meat and try to load that bad boy up with as many veggies as possible or at least swap the side of fries for a fresh green salad.

Plus if you're really looking to cut corners, you can opt for an open-faced sandwich, skip out on the condiments or trade in the bread for some lettuce wraps, which won't wreck havoc to your waistline.

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