This Video Of A Jacked Pregnant Woman Doing Pull-Ups Days Before Birth Is Amazing

by Candice Jalili
Instagram @Sara.Wiss

Swedish trainer Sara Wiss posted a video of her very pregnant self casually doing pull-ups at the gym just a DAY before giving birth.

Pull-ups are pretty freaking hard for me. If you need clarification for what I mean by "pretty freaking hard," I mean I literally could not do one if you offered me $8 trillion (yes, $8 trillion) at the end of it.

I was actually starting to come to terms with the whole "I don't have an athletic bone in my body" thing. But then, Wiss came out with this crazy video, exposing me and all other NARPS (non-athletic regular people) for the lazy pieces of human waste we really are.

I mean, look at her GO right here:

If you, like me, don't speak Swedish, DON'T WORRY. I Google Translated her caption for you:

But now there will be no more pull-ups before Pyret comes. [Have] rested on the couch for two weeks, starting to get frustrated, tough and restless! So a slight turn to the Bosön with light exercise and sauna may be able to boost....

OK, so the translation isn't perfect. Chill out; it's Google Translate, not the CIA's top Swedish translator.

But I think we all got the general gist of it. She was sick of sitting around on the couch, so she decided to hit the gym for some "light exercise" (AKA exercise that would cause me to pull nine muscles and burst into tears) to hopefully "speed" up the labor process.

Of course, there were some comments from haters who were concerned about the possible negative effects of working out on your health and pregnancy. One commenter wrote on @fit_moms_of_ig's repost of her video, "This is not smart.. risking your pregnancy and your body's health."

There have been studies measuring the effects of exercise on a pregnant woman's health, but whether or not it is safe for a pregnant woman to exercise should really only be determined by a discussion between her and her doctor.

I'm going to go ahead and guess this woman who professionally exercises for a living talked it out with her doctor before deciding to hit the gym for some pull-ups.

Just a day after posting that "not smart" video, she posted this photo of herself with a healthy newborn bay:

Looks like her planned worked! Hitting the gym popped that baby right out of her.

All right, now time for all of us to go to the gym. No more excuses. If this PREGNANT WOMAN can do five baller pull-ups, so can you.

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