Potato Chips Could Actually Be Used To Cure Muscle Cramps

We all know that certain foods have healing properties, but did you know that potato chips can cure things too?

Well, that thing in particular is muscle cramps. We know this thanks to Chicago Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel who had to sit out a few weeks due to hand cramps. He apparently solved his cramping issue not with creams or pills, but potato chips. Yup. His doctor even told him to keep eating chips.

He has a lot to thank potato chips for. He says,

For my cramps, if it's a chronic thing, [my doctor] said, 'potato chips' because they have a lot of potassium and obviously the sea salt helps retain water... So I focused on that over the break and ate a lot of potato chips, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Potassium and salt huh?

Hammel is legitimately onto something here. Apparently, if your diet is low in potassium, magnesium or calcium, you could be more likely to experience cramps. Potatoes happen to be a great source of potassium, even in chip form. Sweet!

Aside from that, potassium also helps reduce your blood pressure and lowers your risk for stroke.

Obviously, potato chips are a snack that's high in fat. As someone who swears by the 80/20 rule, I'm not going to tell you to eat more chips for the potassium. Bananas also have potassium, people.

Well, whatever you want to call this, here's your excuse to eat more chips next time you experience cramps to see if it works. Or if you just feel like eating chips.

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