Before-And-After Photos Show Drastic Effect Depression Has On Everyday Life


It's estimated that 350 million people around the world are diagnosed with depression.

While those who struggle with this condition may not seem visibly ill on the outside, depression can have a variety of debilitating mental symptoms that turn common chores into daunting tasks.

Recently, a Swedish Imgur user with depression posted before-and-after pictures of his room to show the world just how deeply this mental illness can affect your daily life.


The first photo, which was taken while the user experienced extreme symptoms of depression, shows a messy bedroom along with the caption,


The second photo, taken when the Imgur user was in a better mental state, shows the same exact bedroom after it had finally been cleaned up. The caption for this photo reads,

The internet seems to be in awe of the drastic difference between the eye-opening comparison. Over the past few days, this Imgur post has racked up a long list of comments and over 350,000 views.

In fact, these fearless photos have actually inspired others with depression to share pictures highlighting their own struggles, like this Tumblr user who posted a similar rendition of the original photos.

The simple comparisons do a pretty good job of helping people visualize a condition that's often hard to understand, and it really shows those without depression just how crippling the symptoms can be.

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