People Who Nap Are Better At Remembering Things, So Go Back To Sleep


OK, guys. This is arguably the most important news you'll ever hear in the history of mankind.

Seriously, the only thing that could be better than this would be finding out Donald Trump was kidding all along about running for president and also agrees that he is laughably unqualified and just wanted to boost ratings for "The Apprentice." Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Here's the news:

A recent study has shown that napping during the day has a benefit that will validate all of our lazy Sundays.

Sara Medick, leader of the study and assistant professor at the University of California Riverside, says you can thank the kindergarten practice we all wish had continued throughout all our years in school for boosting your memory by up to 40 percent. Yes, 40 PERCENT. That's a huge margin.

Medick and her team gathered a group of 81 participants who were split into two groups and given a Remote Associates Test (it measures creativity). Each group was given a different test.

The participants were then given three words and were instructed to provide a fourth word that linked them all together. For example, the words "cottage," "swiss" and "cake" can all be connected by the word "cheese."

Next, the participants were given clues for their following memory test to be taken later that day. And then, it was break time. One group watched a film, while the other took a nap.

The results?

The nappers performed 40 percent better on the memory test than the non-nappers. Researchers said this could have happened for a number of reasons. For one, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep helps convert short-term memories into long-term.

Moral of the story is, every single teacher who ever gave you shit for falling asleep during class can now suck it. You CLEARLY were just napping in order to remember everything he or she was saying. If anything, your teachers should be impressed by your unshakeable commitment to your education.

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