Before Deciding Meditation Just Isn't For You, You Should Watch This

by Leigh Weingus

I used to absolutely despise meditation.

OK, truth be told, I didn't give it a fair shot. But when I finally spent a full week forcing myself to meditate, I got hooked -- and now I can't go a day without it.

Unfortunately, when I try to spread the meditation gospel, no one wants to hear it. People think of it as some serious hippie sh*t, and I get it.

But here's the thing: Meditation is really, really good for you. It helps you sleep better, lowers your risk of depression and could even help you lose weight.

Still, I get why it's intimidating to get started, which is why I chatted with Jesse Israel, a New York-based Millennial who works hard, parties hard... and meditates twice a day.

Israel founded Medi Club in New York City, which gathers once a month for a meditation session and discussion to connect modern meditators.

If this guy can't get you on board, I don't know who can. Check out the meditation session he guided on Elite Daily's Facebook Live here and prepare to have your life transformed...

...or something like that.