This Viral List Of Good Things That Happened In 2016 Will Heal Your Soul


I get my strength from the internet. Through her, all things are possible.

(Yes, the internet is a "her." If the president isn't a woman, WE CAN AT LEAST HAVE THIS.)

May God bless the internet, now and forever, amen.

And this week, the internet has saved us all, even for a few moments at a time, with a peace and serenity that would otherwise not be possible.

I truly believe if it weren't for her, the streets outside would look like a fire in the zoo.

But thanks to kind civilians like this Tumblr user who created an extensive list of things to be grateful for, we can heal. We can breathe.

Even if it's just for a moment, we can smile at the fact that 500 elephants were relocated to safer homes this year.

Even if Trump has threatened to set back all our progress, at least we know good things can be done when we set our minds to it.

The list, which has been making rounds all over the internet, includes these glorious facts from 2016:

Sir, I don't know who you are or where you came from. And I assume that with an entire Tumblr account dedicated to the movie "Zootopia," you're probably a nerd.

But you are a special unicorn, and I want to be your friend.

We needed you this week, when our leaders had their hands tied in the politics of politics, and our friend lists dwindled based on the number of family members we had to block on Facebook.

You're a national hero to me, and wee need more of this.

Reading this list was inspiring to me because it proves that even in the face of a huge challenge, we can rise above our negativity with love and gratitude.

We may not know what's coming around the corner, but in the immortal words of Aretha Franklin, we will survive.

OK, so those weren't her EXACT words. My point is, in the immortal words of Destiny's Child, we are survivors.

Ugh, that's not right either.

I'm saying we're all going to be OK. I think. Damnit, I need another list.