Learn How To Fake A Progress Pic From These Instagram Fitness Freaks

Before and after shots: They're a staple of every weight loss story ever. How do you really know how great someone looks now without knowing how dumpy he or she looked before?

As it turns out, we've always looked great. Shaving off a few pounds for the sake of a "progress" pic is as easy as sucking it in and tilting your hips.

Using the hashtag #30secondbeforeandafter, Instagram's biggest fitness fanatics reveal how easy it is to deceive followers, making the more important point that we should stop comparing ourselves to the mirror selfies of others.

Apparently, not everything is as it seems.

Now, we can all learn from Instagram's finest how to strut our stuff and rack up those likes. Because that's the whole point, isn't it?

Here's how to fake a progress pic for your own followers. Just make sure to tag #30secondbeforeandafter, unless you want to be part of the problem.

Roll up your shorts for a slimmer waist. https://instagram.com/p/BBr-Ywxm6fi/embed/

Hold your breath and tilt those hips. https://instagram.com/p/BBb6dvLuCOP/embed/

Stand up straight. https://instagram.com/p/92Vn2BDuxV/embed/

Widen your stance for a bonafide thigh gap. https://instagram.com/p/9yYvVNJnH-/embed/

Face the camera and show us your best flex. https://instagram.com/p/-zlcAFS_cX/embed/

In case you could not care less about progress pics, I'm sure you can at least relate to the five stages we all go through when posting a photo to Instagram.

Watch the video below and try not to nod your head the whole time.

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