We Asked A Celeb Trainer If Khloé K's 'Sauna Suit' Really Helps Weight Loss


In case you live under a rock, let me bring you up to speed on Khloé Kardashian and her quest for the ultimate revenge body. The youngest Kardashian sister, who spent her formative years as “the chunky one,” used her still-not-finalized divorce as the catalyst for her major weight loss.

These days, Khloé is taking extreme steps to achieve her fitness goals. In recent Snapchats, viewers can't help but notice KhloMoney appears to be working out in an oversized trash bag.

After enough fans asked the celeb about her sartorial choices, Khloé clarified she's actually wearing something called a “sauna suit." The aforementioned technical term refers to a sweatshirt or sweatpants made of thick, plastic-y material that is purposefully designed to not breathe -- the exact opposite of most athletic apparel.

Sauna suits, most commonly used by wrestlers and bodybuilders, trap heat and force the wearer to sweat more. They're available at sporting goods retailers for upwards of $20.

I'm always in the market for a new wellness trick, so I reached out to Anna Kaiser, the fitness expert behind AKT. You may not know Kaiser by name, but you certainly recognize her work in the slim, muscular bodies of stars like Shakira, Hilary Duff and Kelly Ripa.

So, what's the deal with the sauna suit? Kaiser says any results Khloé is seeing are short-term only.

She explains,

When you overheat your body, you don't allow your muscles to work at capacity because you are too exhausted from the heat. It's not actually muscular exhaustion. Therefore, the road to building lean muscle and burning extra fat will take longer.

In other words: Khloé, you're out of luck. Losing water weight just dehydrates you, it doesn't burn any fat. You're better off sticking to burpees and high-intensity sprints, so toss that sauna suit in the trash next to your old waist trainer.

That's another Kardashian mystery for the books.