Lifestyle — The Simple Strategies To Help Improve Your Short And Long-Term Memory
by Rebecca Jones

There are some things that are good to forget, for your own sanity.

Like that night you had too many vodka seltzers and played cupid for all your single friends, which just ended up making things really awkward between everyone.

Or the time you dated a guy who talked incessantly about himself every date you went on, and literally tucked his shirt INTO his underwear.

You wish you forget these times, yet when you are reminded of each memory, those feelings of awkwardness and pain come rushing back to you, as if they were happening all over again.

While you can't choose what to forget, science says you can choose (and make a conscious effort) to remember certain things.

Things like ingesting information for a final, learning a new skill or wanting to remember a moment you're currently experiencing can all be improved by some simple techniques.

The best example for this is studying for a test. Exercising a couple of hours after you've studied helps you retain that information. Instead of hammering the information into your brain the night before, take a break and go for a light run later on.

If you're learning to play a new instrument or learning a new art form, a good nap can actually help you solidify the skill you learned during the day.

Our brains are much more malleable than we think. Things like ingesting information for a final, learning a new skill or wanting to remember a particularly enjoyable moment can all be improved by some interesting strategies.

To learn about the other strategies that can help you to better retain information and improve your short and long-term memory, watch the video above.

Now get out there, and make some memories.

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