9 Healthy Instagram Accounts

In a world full of mostly processed, insanely addicting junk food, it's hard to actually want to stuff your face with kale and quinoa. Why eat the green stuff when you can just have a doughnut?

But according to new research, scrolling through your Instagram account and seeing your friends' healthy foodstagrams makes you want to eat healthy, too.

So, in an effort to change all of our eating habits (mine included!), I've decided it's time to expose you to some of my personal favorite healthy Instagram accounts.

May these food bloggers, nutritionists, yogis and foodies inspire you to photograph your own gorgeous avocado toast or stack of paleo pancakes.

Happy scrolling!

The Well Necessities

Maybe it's the perfectly presented veggies, maybe it's the crazy colorful avocado toast. Either way, it works. Follow nutritionist Lisa Hayim's account here.

Rachl Mansfield

When you have a gorgeous stack of pancakes in front of you that's actually healthy, life is good. That's what this account is full of. Follow food blogger Mansfield here.


This account is nothing short of gorgeous. That fruit! Those poached eggs! OK, I'll stop now. Follow nutritionist Mitra here.

Naturally Ella

A salad has never looked so good. Follow food blogger and cookbook author Erin A here.

Purely Elizabeth

She started a really delicious granola company by the same name, and her Instagram account is full of goodies like overflowing smoothies and colorful, healthy dinners. Follow her here.

Shut The Kale Up

Maybe it's the name that makes this account so great, but it's probably the awesome-looking veggie dishes. Follow yoga instructor and health nut Jeannette Ogden here.

No Bread

Who knew a gluten-free life could look so damn delicious? Follow food blogger Nicole Cogan's adventures here.

Stefanie Goldmarie

We'll have what this 19-year-old Australian foodie is having. 'Nuff said. Follow her here.


Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow's healthy lifestyle website, and it certainly inspires me to eat healthier. This healthy Instagram account really takes it to the next level. Follow Goop here.