Kara Riley

Why You Should Use Healing Crystals As A Tool, Not A Cure-All


As a child, I was fascinated by rocks, crystals and gemstones.

I got starry-eyed when I would see my grandparents' large amethyst crystal attached to its matrix, and I loved the feeling of cool, tumbled stones in my hands.

More recently, I've been hearing a lot about the power of healing crystals, and during a period in my life with a lot of transition, I stumbled upon a free energy reading at an all-day yoga event.

After giving only my name, I met with a healer who did a quick reading that resonated deeply and accurately.

I treated the reading as a good starting point to make changes in my life I already knew I needed to make.

Rather than getting bummed out about any not-so-good news, I looked at having a low level on one of my chakras as something that could be fixed.

Because I have been historically attracted to crystals and appreciate fulfilling my spiritual side, it was hardly a leap to try incorporating some aspects of crystal healing into my life.

Over the next few weeks, I changed certain parts of my routine. I used the mornings and evenings for reflection and to repeat certain affirmations and statements to myself.

Knowing I needed to work on my self-love and fully opening my heart to others, I did some research and began repeating heart chakra affirmations I had discovered.

Additionally, I began to write some statements of my own and eventually added originals to the rotation, as well. Any statements I felt more strongly about or more attached to than others became the most prevalent in my casual meditation.

During this time, I began to fall asleep with rose quartz in my hand, while mentally repeating my affirmations, and I also wore a rose quartz ring during the day.

My focus soon began to shift. I wrote out my goals and had to-do lists that I carried in my notebook with me everywhere.

I read and reread books that pertained to my personal goals and career goals. I reconnected with people who were important to me, and I chose to nurture the relationships that were the most mutually fulfilling.

I soon found certain people coming closer into the foreground of my life, while others faded into the background.

Because I was focusing more on being open, I was more direct and honest, believing in my heart that the people who had long-term potential in my life would remain.

Naturally, I did my best to push away my insecurities and be less self-conscious about how others saw and interpreted my words and actions.

Gradually, I noticed I felt more magnetic as strangers approached me or struck up conversation. People I hadn't seen or spoken to in a long time resurfaced, as if the shift in my energy were making waves reaching thousands of miles.

Friends I was once excited about and enchanted by began showing different sides of their respective selves, and in some instances, they removed themselves from my life before I needed to eliminate their energy myself.

After only a month and a half of using crystals as an instrument to inspire change, I was already on a dramatically different path, with a vast improvement in my quality of life.

If you are someone who wakes up every day and goes to bed with the same goals in mind, it's entirely possible crystals could be effective in helping you achieve your aspirations.

But be warned: Crystals aren't a magic wand that will help you, unless you're already actively helping yourself.

Crystals are a great tool to have in your arsenal, but they shouldn't be a crutch, and they are not necessarily a substitute for therapy or medication.

Everything on our planet and in this universe is made of atoms and energy. It only makes sense that crystals, which have their own vibration frequencies, can be an aid to your goals and intentions.

The changes sparked in my life never would have come about had I not actively worked toward improving my life.

I made change and positivity my number one priority, and while crystals provided a nice push, the catalyst to change came from within me. It derived from my thoughts and actions.

It's important to remember we, alone, are in charge of our own destiny, but it never hurts to get a little help — especially when it can fit in the palm of your hand.