5 Healing Crystals To Bring You The Positivity You Lost In The Election

by Rosey Baker
Kara Riley

If you're anything like me, this election (combined with the first week of your period) has you feeling powerless and ashamed.

I've known America for a long time, and I can't believe I never really saw or understood how disappointing he was.

America got to me when I was young and naive. He told me he cared about equality and freedom and justice for all, but he was just lying.

I had no idea who he really was until he said he wanted to get into bed with Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.


I don't know if crystals will work to simmer the boiling hot anger soup inside my heart right now, but I will try anything — including crystals — to combat the negativity I'm feeling.

Here are some crystals that are known to promote positivity and some that might even incite political and personal change.

Whatever works, folks.


Danburite creates self-love and emotional healing. It eases riotous feelings (check) and brings about patience when you are feeling frustration caused by misunderstandings.

Using it in meditation releases anxiety and brings about emotional healing.

It can also, apparently, talk to angels to bring about peace on Earth. Weird, but whatever.

I mean, I definitely can't talk to angels, so who am I to judge?



Ruby is a powerful heart stone, and its purpose is to open and activate the heart chakra. It is a powerful heart healer, creating more emotional awareness in the individual who holds it.

You might be asking yourself, "Does this mean even more crying?"

Yes, it does, and more crying equals more healing, so get into it.

Tiger Iron

It might be a little harder to get you paws on a piece of tiger iron because it's not exactly on the Top 40 list of pop crystals to heal your heart.

Tiger iron is like the Martin Luther King Jr. of healing crystals, helping to bring about change you can see on the physical plane. It creates refuge in times of danger associated with poverty, racial tension, injustice or hate.

Tiger iron manifests ideas into reality and can help you gain the courage of your convictions and achieve your goals while facing overwhelming odds.


Morganite is both a stone for taking action and for creating unconditional love. It's like LSD, but without the potential for watching your own face melt off in a mirror.

I like to think of it as a stone that will turn you into a facilitator for unity, without giving off the vibe of someone who never got over their parents' divorce.


Rainforest Jasper

This stone aids personal expression after monumental changes, problems or anxieties. It prevents procrastination and helps the individual let go of the past and live in the moment.

If you've been feeling at "a total loss for words" like every single person on my Facebook feed, you could probably use some jasper.