20-Somethings Offer Advice On The Best Ways To Deal With A Hangover

by Leigh Weingus

Although in an ideal world we'd all drink in moderation -- or at least not be hungover when we didn't -- as 20-somethings, we deal with quite a few hangovers.

Although there's no real hangover "cure," there are ways to ease the pain of the morning after a night of way too many tequila shots.

Some of us pop ibuprofen while others chug liters of water. Some of us are all about the Thai food.

Because we know it's a new year and we know you're looking for a new way to pass your hungover days or find a new way to feel just a little better, we polled some New York City-based Millennials (yes, some of them work at Elite Daily), to find out how they deal with a hangover.


It's all about the matcha.

The best thing to do when hungover is to take two multi vitamins, three Advil and drink two big scoops of matcha mixed well into ice water. The vitamins flush you with the B-vitamins that you need, and matcha is the best thing for hangovers because it helps with those post-drinking anxiety attacks by calming you and all the water helps to hydrate as well. The Advil takes care of the headache. Works every time. - Gigi

Healthy fats, people!

When I'm hungover, I like to start out the day by mentally guilting myself for about 45 minutes. Then I get up, drink a big glass of water before switching to caffeinated tea. (I feel like hot water has to be good for me somehow.) My go-to hangover breakfast is a whole wheat bagel with avocado, salt and pepper. (Healthy fats! Healthy fats erase whiskey gingers!) Then I promptly retire to my couch for a few hours and hope the horrible feeling will go away. I try to take a long walk later in the day in lieu of the gym. - Emily

Sweat it out.

I force myself to work out and sweat as much as possible. Even if it's not my best performance, sweating a little out goes a long way. I also go on Seamless, search smoothies and opt for whatever they advertise as the hangover cure ... I also smoke a lot of weed. - Ashley

Sometimes you just need the basics.

 Water + weed + greasy food + sleep, basically. - Celine

Prepare the night before.

As I've gotten older, the whole routine has changed. In college, it was simply to force-feed myself to get something (anything) in my stomach before taking a couple of Advil and drinking some water. Half hour later, I'd be back to full-strength! Now that I'm in my late 20s, I need to start prepping for the hangover before I'm done being drunk. Advil before bed is a must. A huge glass of water (but preferably, a Gatorade or some other sort of sugary sports drink) is a must. And eating food is a must, both before drinking and after. My go-to in the morning is a smoothie, which helps me hydrate and puts something semi-solid inside (which allows for more Advil) while also being easy on the stomach. Strawberries, I've found, do the most in making my hangover go away of any of the major smoothie-fruits (and bananas don't help for sh*t). However, the reality is, when I wake up with a brutal hangover these days, it's often too late -- the day is f*cked. - Eric

Bagels cure all.

A fat bagel with avocado, tomato and cream cheese, massive iced coffee and coconut water. Does the trick every time. - Gillian

So does Thai food.

I try to sleep as late as possible, but generally can't make it that late into the day. Then I sit on the couch and wait until 11:30, when I can GrubHub Thai food -- usually pad kee mao. My college roommate and I made this a habit, and every time I'm hungover all I can think about is the sweet release of Thai delivery. I try to avoid using ibuprofen as much as possible, so if I can spend time waiting it out on the couch guzzling water and napping, I'll do that. But if I have to be productive and everything's spinning, I'll go for two ibuprofen. And I always feel better when I can get myself outside to walk around in fresh air, even if it's just a five-minute outing to grab iced coffee. - Alexandra

Give vinegar a try.

Headaches don't bother me so much, it's the nauseous feeling of a hangover that kills me, so my focus on a cure is always based on my stomach. Pure Green Coconut Hydrate always makes me feel better (bottom right). Also, I eat something (anything: bread, salad, whatever) with balsamic vinegar. Maybe it's the acidity or maybe I'm just Italian and weird. But it works every time! - Nina

Advil, Advil, Advil.

When I drink, it's all about the pre-sleep routine that can help with an incoming hangover. I tend to eat carby food at the end of the night to begin soaking up the alcohol, but the real key is to drink a liter of water before going to bed. This does two things for me: It keeps my brain hydrated when I sleep but it also allows for good rest throughout the rest of the night to help fight the potential hangover. If I forget my pre-sleep routine, I wake up with an extreme headache. The first thing I do is grab two Advils and take them with a glass of water. After about 30 minutes, I take another two. This is just to dull the pain for a bit. Throughout the morning I will drink water just to keep me hydrated. I don't eat anything just yet because I don't want to be too full, then I head to a Duane Reade or CVS and buy a Pedialyte. I drink one throughout the morning and tend to eat something light, like avocado and eggs. Then I lie down for the rest of the day hoping to fall asleep and wake up feeling better. - Edin

Alka-Seltzer and spaghetti are also good ideas.

If I'm not too drunk to remember, I drink a full glass of water before going to bed then refill the glass so my dehydrated ass doesn't wake up panicking in the middle of the night because my sobriety finally arrived and jolted me awake. If I'm nauseous in the morning, I pop an Advil (I get headaches 100 percent of the time after drinking) and wait an hour to see if I'm going to vomit. If I don't, I pop some Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water and chug. Alka seltzer is literally my miracle drug. Then I order my favorite pasta from Seamless because the only thing that makes me feel better about my hungover life is spaghetti. - Kelli

One word: brunch.

When I'm hungover, I drink a liter of coconut water. Electrolytes HELP. I also immediately put on red lipstick to distract from my tired puffy eyes. I usually take the dog for a long walk in the cold weather (light exercise and the dog makes me feel generally better about life). Then I go for a brunch and drink a Bloody Mary (just ONE)! I go home early, drink a ton of detox tea and eat really healthy (think kale smoothies) and watch TV. - Zara

Pretty handy hangover tips, huh? Just a little PSA: If you want to avoid hangovers altogether ... just don't drink as much.

Sorry, had to say it.