How To Use Essential Oils As An All-Natural Way To De-Stress

by Unwritten

Essential oils: I'm sure you've heard the words, but do you know what they mean?

They are plant-based oils that can help you sleep, relax, improve your digestive system and even save your skin.

Something to keep in mind is, a lot of these oils need to be diluted with water because of how strong they are.

Another thing is, don't drink an entire bottle at once or pour it all over your body. It's just not a good idea!

Remember to read the label on the bottle because most companies will have the instructions on it.


Some people put their oil right on their skin and say it's very effective. Most oils can be re-applied every four to six hours.

Another effective topical method is to put it into your bathtub when soaking in it, or by adding the oil to a lotion and then putting it on your skin.


This is something you should research on your own before you try it because a lot of people disagree.

But, the theory is, once the oils are digested, they can help with certain health conditions or ailments.

People do this by putting oil into their tea and food. But remember, oil is more potent than dried or fresh herbs and spices, so start with a small amount.


Smell the oils. You can do this with a diffuser, or even more simply, you can put a few drops in your hands and smell it with your nose.

This can help you with your emotions, behaviors and memory.

Now for the fun stuff!

What do the oils do?

Lavender oil can help improve sleep. All you have to do is put some on your pillow!

It also helps with anxiety if you put it around your home. Another oil you can put on your pillow is chamomile, which is known for its relaxing effects.

Peppermint oil helps keep your mind stimulated and alert, and it can even ease indigestion.

Oregano oil could be your best friend this winter. It's a flu fighter and also an antibacterial product.

Lemon oil is used to detox your body and fight acne. So essentially, it's your soulmate. It also helps you concentrate and focus.

Another oil to really help us is grapefruit. It helps you feel less tired, which is great for those travelers who experience jet lag.

Eucalyptus oil is another great winter friend because it helps beat colds. It also helps in the summer because it can fight off allergies. If you get sick a lot, this oil also helps stimulate your immune system.

Tea tree oil is another great one for the skin because it acts as a spot treatment. You can put it on your acne to help clear your skin.

Rose oil helps with depression. All you do is add it to your bath, and it may improve your mood.

Rosemary oil stimulates your mind and uplifts you! Also, as a bonus, if you add it to your shampoo, it will thicken your hair and add volume.

If you are going to buy essential oils, remember to make sure they are pure.

Also, I encourage you to research more about oils. A lot of them can act as medicines, beauty products, detoxes and more.

Oils are organic and natural, so overall, they're way better for you.

Happy shopping!

This article was originally published on Unwritten.