What Drugs And Alcohol Do To Your Aura, And Why You Should Care

by Rosey Baker
Jordi Rulló

If you're a fun person, you probably agree that drinking and doing drugs equals having a great time.

The metaphysical reason for this is because when you do a drug that gets you high, your aura will expand to contain your soul's energy, which rises up and expands rapidly when you're under the influence.

You probably know what I'm talking about if you've done LSD.

See, your aura is more than just a colorful energetic field. It actually serves a purpose, which is to protect you from negative influences or harmful energy outside of yourself.

It's like an energetic boundary-setting device that people can feel, even if they can't see it.

The trouble with doing drugs and alcohol in excess is that when you get the feeling of being high, your aura expands in an effort to contain that energy. Like stretching Play-Doh or blowing bubble gum, it can actually rip holes in itself.

It's basically an energetic ozone layer.

And when the aura is ripped, it creates a hole for negative influences to come in. Suddenly, when that toxic person we cut off a few months ago texts, "U up?" we're like, "Hell yeah I am!" and the cycle continues.

This is a great metaphysical explanation for why you've never met a drug addict with pristine boundary-setting skills.

When your aura is weakened, it literally creates a vacuum for people, situations and experiences that could drain you of your energy and vitality, which could further weaken your aura.

You know when you wake up so hungover that you can't bring yourself to leave the house?

Sure, your body physically needs the rest, but that urge to take a few days in isolation to repair the internal damage also translates to your energy body.

When you spend some time in solitude after a night out partying, you're also keeping yourself out of the way of things that could seriously damage your spiritual progress.

So, don't feel guilty, ignore the FOMO or whatever and keep doing you.

While drugs and alcohol are (I believe) actually very useful tools that provide a window into higher spiritual realms, they are only meant to be a glimpse of what's there.

The feeling of getting high or drunk is like a preview of what could be possible naturally through intense spiritual work.

And if it's possible to feel high on a placebo pill, then it's definitely possible to achieve that same feeling through your own spiritual practice, like having sex!