Here's How To Get Your Best Bod In Time For Coachella, As Told By An Expert

by Kendall Wood
REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

With just under a week until go time, Coachella is creeping up on festival-goers who are anticipating wearing little to no clothing for the three-day concert under the desert sun.

The Indio, California-based event is expecting as many as 100,000 attendees, all of whom are, no doubt, taking a stab at crash dieting in the final days leading up to the most highly-publicized festival of the year.

But as you've surely heard before, crash dieting is never the way to go. In fact, it's pretty terrible for your health.

To get the lowdown on the best way to prepare your mind and body for baring it all and feeling good, we sat down with Prevail Los Angeles Owner and health guru Milan Costich.

Elite Daily / Stacey Leasca

When asked about the best replacement for a last-resort, all-juice cleanse, Milan jokes,

The best thing to do is probably start from last year's Coachella.

The Prevail founder and coach strongly encourages his clients to establish healthy habits and nurture a better lifestyle by sticking to them. He emphasizes never "taking away" from your current diet, but "adding to."

When dieters deprive themselves of certain ingredients or indulgences, they most often end up binging on those very foods. Try adding more of the good in an effort to naturally lessen your intake of the bad.

For those who are all about that last-minute grind time, Milan offers up a few tips for getting your bod prepared for the journey ahead.

Increase your water intake.

First and foremost, get hydrated and stay hydrated! The more water you take in, the less you're drinking other liquids, like those with added sugars and ingredients that pack on the unnecessary calories.

By drinking more H2O, you'll be less tempted to pop the top on a can of soda or indulge in a cocktail in down time.

Cut back on sugar and grains.

While sugar has no place on the food pyramid, grains are not necessarily bad for you; in fact, they're included in what's considered a well-balanced diet. They are, however, chock full of carbohydrates and can easily be replaced with bigger portions of hearty vegetables and leafy greens.

Be considerate of which vegetables you're choosing this week, though, as many are high in water content and will lead to unwanted bloat.

Indulge in more protein and healthy fats.

Milan recommends sourcing your food from good places. An organic or vegan lifestyle isn't always sustainable for those who are looking for cost-conscious solutions to a better diet, but it's worth the investment for this short-lived "cleanse."

Shop around for locally-grown or organic vegetables high in healthy fats, like avocados, and focus on buying only grass-fed and free-range proteins.

Be active every day.

You don't necessarily need to be taking hours of crossfit workouts in the days leading up to Coachella, but make sure to move every day. The most obvious way to log those steps is to walk when it's convenient and always take the stairs.

Milan suggests activities like yoga and hiking, incorporated with more high-intensity and resistance training. Overall, he says, "Stay moving as much of the day as possible."

The culmination of these tips aren't necessarily a promise to shed those pounds before the start of the festival, but they are a guarantee that both your mind and body will be well-equipped to spend an extended period of time in the desert.