Lifestyle — Your 9-To-5 Desk Job Is Damaging Your Health In Way More Ways Than You Think
by Rebecca Jones

Graduating from college only to sit at your 9-to-5 desk job five times a week may sound a bit dull, but if you're doing something you love it can be so much better than college. 

College is fun, but let's be honest: It's hard on your health. And now, there's no more cramming for finals only to forget the information the moment you walk out of class and into the bar for celebratory drinks.

No more passing out, after said celebratory drinks, in the lofted bunk bed you struggled to climb up while drunk.

No more waking up at 1:00 pm with a hangover you cure with more drinking. Like most American, public college students, you took full advantage of the freedoms you didn't have when you were living at home.

By the time graduation comes, your body and, hopefully, your mind, will have had enough of your college lifestyle and be ready for a more stable day-to-day.

After spending the first part of your life in school, it's refreshing to get a change of pace, which your first job can offer. 

All that information you spent studying and ingesting during college, you finally get to put to good use. You start becoming more financially stable, paying for your own rent and your own drinks. Best of all, you're done with work at a reasonable hour and have every weeknight free to do whatever you'd like.

With a new lifestyle, however, comes new health issues. After a couple of months, especially at a desk job, you become very familiar with that dip in energy that hits you every day around 3 or 4 pm. After seven hours working, you always seem to be on the brink of a headache.

One of the most damaging aspects of a 9-to-5 desk job is sitting. You're so tired from sitting for the majority of the day that you want to continue sitting the moment you get home. In fact, even though 70 percent of working Americans hate sitting, 86 percent of them sit all day, five days a week.

But sitting is just the start of the list. To learn about more ways your 9-to-5 desk job could be affecting your health, watch the video above. After that, head outside.

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