Declutter These 5 Annoying Aspects Of Your Life Right Now To Feel Major Relief

by Megan Brillos

With spring cleaning just around the corner, it is time to do some self-evaluating and clean up more than just our apartments.

You don't need to wait until the snow starts melting to start working on your personal spring cleaning. Just cleaning up a few aspects of your daily life will help you to get your life together this month (or at least trick you into thinking you have it together).

1. Your technology.

You don't need to be waking up every morning to a notification that your storage is full.

For my Apple people (sorry, Android users), go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and get rid of some of that junk on your phone.

Delete all those apps you know you do not use. If you have not used an app in the past month, you do not need it on your phone.

Organize the apps you do use into categories so you can easily access them like "shopping," "social media," "work," "health" and so on.

Delete all your messages while we're at it. You don't need to keep dwelling on what your ex said to you last August.

While we're on the subject of tech, go ahead and do this same process for your laptop and tablets too.

Clean up your social media after you get the tech under control. Maybe it's time to take down that picture of you dancing on a fraternity table from years ago?

2. Your closet.

This is the most conventional one on the list, but it needs to be done. If you did not wear a piece of clothing in the last 365 days then toss it—you will not wear it again.

Create a pile of clothes that you know you will not wear again, and bring them to a secondhand clothing outlet for cold hard cash or a tax write off.

If you do not want to physically take the clothes to a store, try selling on apps like Mercari and Poshmark. Some people have even made these apps their full time business. 

3. Your finances.

Print off your bank statement from last month. Pick out one blue and one yellow highlighter.

Highlight everything you deem absolutely necessary with blue. What you'll see in blue are things like insurance, rent, electricity, gas, loan payments and medical expenses.

Everything not highlighted are your extraneous purchases. Out of these, highlight in yellow anything you think was worth that deduction from your net worth.

Were those random Taco Bell runs worth it? The $100 you dropped on clothes you didn't love? The three Kylie Jenner lip kits in similar shades?

A quick and dirty tip is to keep a note of things you want to buy, but wait to buy them for an entire month. If the month passes, and you still really want to make the purchase then you can do so without guilt because it was not a hasty decision.

Ideally, everything not in blue should be worthy of a yellow highlight.

4. Your fridge.

Spend an afternoon taking everything out of your fridge and cleaning it top to bottom. Then go through everything now sitting out on the counter and see if you have doubles.

Do you optimistically buy spinach every week, just to throw it out a week later? Do you have 12 unfinished salad dressings in a collection you just keep adding to?

Keep these things in mind next time you shop and you will see a dramatic decrease in your grocery bill.

This is also a good time to see if you're eating like crap, and adjust accordingly.

5. Your relationships.

You can clean your apartment for an entire day and still feel suffocated. Relationships with family and friends can have a stronger effect on our minds and souls than anything else.

Some of these relationships just need a little TLC, but some relationships you just do not need.

The entire point of relationships is that they are supposed to be mutually beneficial. And some relationships will go astray that simply can not be mended.

It is okay to walk away from a relationship sometimes. It is okay to put the relationships you value first, and clean out those who only bring you down.