Deaf Fitness Blogger Strives To Make Exercise More Accessible For People Like Her

by Georgina Berbari

At first glance, India Morse seems like your typical fitness blogger. Her page is sprinkled with drool-worthy pictures of avocado toast, selfies in super cute workout leggings, and loads of motivational quotes. But the truth is, this British nutritional coach is far from ordinary. Morse, or @Youleanmeup on Instagram, was born deaf, but what makes her a truly extraordinary woman is her dedication to making the fitness industry more accessible for people with disabilities.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Morse talks about what it's like to have a disability in her industry, and the challenges that often surface along the way.

She says,

When I first started my fitness account, it was just another one of my hobbies. I knew accessibility was really poor within the fitness industry. A lot of deaf people complained about the lack of deaf awareness, but hardly got anywhere. So, I decided that I had had enough, and it was time to step up to do something about the unacceptable situation.

Morse says she often wonders when the world will recognize the deaf community, and specifically, all they have to offer the fitness world.

She tells Elite Daily,

One day I went home and cried, wishing that I could be more involved. [But] the very next day, I decided to stop upsetting myself, and do something.

She began to pour her energy into breaking down the barriers people like her faced every single day. And above all, she focused on just being herself.

Take a moment to think about your hardest workout, and all the difficulties that inevitably come with it -- then subtract your sense of hearing. Too often, people just take these things for granted.

But Morse doesn't let that stop her from achieving her fitness goals, and it's honestly inspiring as hell.

And she's not the only one making such sensational strides.

Zack Ruhl, a 26-year-old fitness trainer with no legs who can bench-press more than 400 pounds and pump out push-ups in his wheelchair, is also dedicated to opening up the fitness world to include all types of bodies with different kinds of capabilities. He even offers free training classes to fellow amputees, though be warned, he describes himself as a "tough teacher."

Or take Patrick Sjodahl, a blind personal trainer who is making the most of his condition by relying on his hands to track his clients' form and progress.

People like Morse, Ruhl, and Sjodahl are the epitome of why nothing should stop you from pursuing your passion.

They're honestly changing the world -- and the world is taking note.

Morse tells Elite Daily she's looking forward to traveling to Australia, where she'll try a boxing class at F45, a functional training network that is extremely inclusive for people with hearing impairments.

So, if you're looking for your daily reminder to crush your goals no matter what obstacles may stand in your way, look no further.

Morse reminds everyone, regardless of ability, to move their bodies in ways that make them feel amazing:

Fitness is the most important aspect of my lifestyle. It's all about feeling good inside and out, which I don't find to be a chore. It's just like brushing your teeth every day -- fitness is a part of my being.

Amen, girl.