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This Is How Colors Can Positively Affect Your Day-To-Day Life

Color is something that is very present in our everyday lives. We've become so used to it, however, that it rarely stands out.

It is rare when we notice how blue the sky is or how green the trees are, but color really shouldn't be taken for granted.

Science has shown that color can improve our lives in certain situations, which is truly incredible. Personally, I never thought about implementing color in my life to improve my mood, attentiveness, attractiveness, etc.

After looking at many different studies, I have discovered that not just wearing, but also utilizing color in different aspects of your life can have a seriously positive outcome.

For example, did you know that using red plates can make you eat less and live healthier? A study has shown that using dinnerware that has less contrast with the food helps you eat less, so instead of using stark-white plates, use a color like red that has less of a contrast.

Another example of implementing color in your daily life in a positive way is wearing orange when you work out.

Personally, this fact scared me because I usually try to blend in as much as possible when I work out (on the rare occasions that I do).

Why would I want to stand out when I'm the sweaty mess in the background at the gym who's always one beat off?

But this study has changed my opinion forever.

Orange translates to the feelings of stimulation and energy, and even increases oxygen supply to the brain.

If wearing orange translates to me loosing weight in any way... move over, construction workers. I'm taking your color!

Check out the video above to see what color you should wear on your next hot date, the color you should be wearing to work and the color of the notepad you should be using in your next meeting.

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