Lifestyle — This Female Empowerment Group Is Dedicated To Helping NYC's Homeless Women
by Alex Casner

They say it's a man's world, but the women of Camel Assembly are trying to change that.

This New York City-based organization is comprised of professional women of all ages who are dedicated to empowering and inspiring other women to pursue their dreams and break the rules. They believe that sharing your knowledge and light with others increases the glow in the world, which is more important than ever for women right now.

Recently, Camel Assembly decided to take action against an issue that's easily overlooked, surrounding the lack of access to feminine hygiene products for homeless women in New York City.

Camel Assembly got together to assemble care packages for women filled with sanitary items, as well as dental care products, reusable water bottles, lotions, perfumes and motivational, hand-written notes. The distribution of these packages, aptly named the "Pad Potluck," happened to align perfectly with an announcement from the New York City Council that approved free pads and tampons in public restrooms.

One small step for Camel Assembly, one giant leap for women across the globe.

Special thanks to PCNY and Gelso & Grand.

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