Jennie from BLACKPINK shares her Pilates workout routine on Instagram.
Feel Coachella-Ready With Jennie From BLACKPINK's Pilates Workout

“Got bodies like Rambo.”

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BLACKPINK is about to light up the Coachella stage in Indio, California. This isn’t the first time the K-pop group has performed at the music festival, but this is the first time they are headlining it. To prepare for the big performance, Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK has been getting into shape and inspiring fans with her Pilates-based workout routine on Instagram. A TikToker decided to share a modified version of Jennie’s Pilates routine that you can do at home without equipment, and it’s going viral.

Jennie’s Pilates workouts at Modern Pilates International in Singapore are often done on an apparatus like a Cadillac Reformer and Pilates Barrel. Most of us don’t have the space or money to build our own Pilates gym with all the same equipment, but there are ways to perform the same Pilates exercises and get a similar burn with just a mat.

TikTokers are sharing a version of Jennie from BLACKPINK’s Pilates routine that she’s done to get ready for Coachella that requires zero equipment. It’s so easy to follow along wherever and whenever. This workout is especially perfect for BLINKS who are planning to live it up this festival season. Just throw on a playlist with “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down,” so you can get extra hyped as you sculpt.

Seated Side Bend

Begin your Jennie from BLACKPINK workout routine with a seated side bend, according to TikToker @healthyblogsbyp. To get into this position, sit on your mat with your feet touching like in a butterfly position. From there, stretch one leg out to the side while keeping the other leg in and pointed towards the opposite knee.

Reach out and over to the leg that’s stretched out with the opposite arm, and hold for about 50 seconds. You’ll want to repeat on the other side, and do this same stretch three to four times.

Downward Dog

Once you feel like your hips and back are fully stretched out from your seated side bend, you’ll want to move into a downward dog position for about a minute. The downward dog is a pretty popular yoga pose that looks like an upside-down V. Be sure to keep your arms shoulder-width apart and legs hip-width apart.

You can stay in this stretch if you need to, but @healthyblogsbyp deepens it by doing a light step in place with the feet. This will allow you to bring your heels down closer to the mat as you alternate bringing them in one at a time.

Plank With Elbows Down

Move from your downward dog into a plank with your elbows on the mat. Be sure to keep your arms shoulder-width apart and right underneath you as well as your legs hip-width apart. Hold this for about a minute. It’ll really work out your spine and abs for a great core burn.

Knee-To-Chest Exercise

A variation of Jennie’s Pilates stretch on the barrel is a knee-to-chest move on your mat. Lie on your back to begin and bring one knee into your chest. Keep the opposite leg straight, but lift it off the floor as well.

Once you bring your knee all the way in, alternate legs and continue doing this for a minute. You also want to keep your head off the mat like @healthyblogsbyp does. This move really works out your legs and glutes.

Back Bend With Leg Lift

TikToker @michelleschoi also shared a modified version of one of Jennie’s Pilates workouts, which includes a back bend with leg lift. Jennie does this stretch with the help of a Pilates Barrel. While you may not have a barrel at home to assist you, you can use a yoga ball. Alternate which leg is up in the air for your stretch, and do this four times at 30 seconds each.

Downward Dog With Leg Lift

Another leg lift exercise to add to your routine is a downward dog with leg lift. Get back into your downward dog position from before, but this time, you’ll want to lift one leg straight into the air. Just like the back bend exercise, you’ll want to do four sets for 30 seconds on each side. This particular variation works out your arms, back, and core.

Bow Pose

The next move in @michelleschoi’s routine takes inspiration from Jennie’s aerial yoga video on Instagram. Instead of stretching in a hammock, you can do this bow pose on your mat. Lie face down to begin, and lift up as your arms stretch back and reach for your ankles.

You should look like a bow, hence the name. This pose targets your core, but also stretches out your hips and hamstrings. Just like the previous two poses, hold this one for 30 seconds and repeat three more times.

Dancer Pose

BLACKPINK is known for slaying with their choreography, so a dancer pose seems very fitting to for Jennie’s workout routine. While she performs this stretch on a Cadillac or Trapeze Table, you can do this with just your mat. While standing firmly in a mountain pose, bring one leg up and back as the same arm reaches back to hold onto your ankle. Use the other arm for balance while reaching forward. If you need help, you can always perform this pose near a wall.

Hold for about 30 seconds and switch legs. You’ll want to do this four times on each side. When you’re done, you’ll be all warmed up and ready to dance through BLACKPINK’s entire Coachella set list.

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