Lifestyle — What To Do When You're Alone For The Holidays
by Rebecca Jones

When I think about being alone on the holidays, I think of Kevin McCallister jumping on his parents' bed as he blasts “Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.”

For someone who has to make time for the four different sides of my family (meaning four different Christmas gatherings), Kevin's situation always sounded like a dream to me.

At its best, the holidays with my family are a time when I get to sit around the table recalling funny childhood moments with my cousins and sipping wine with my aunts.

At its worst, the holidays are a race to see every single relative on every side of my family in a very short amount of time.

It can end up being an exhausting couple of days, and all that family can be overwhelming.

While I love them all, trying to explain my job or answering questions about my dating life is the last thing I want to do on vacation.

Hanging out in my parents' house alone, watching "White Christmas" or finishing a book I've been trying to read all year is often the best part of my holiday break.

Whether you've chosen to be alone or are alone by circumstance, it can be helpful to embrace some solace during the holiday season.

Alone time is sparse, so why not take advantage of your days off from school or work and treat yourself to a “me time" holiday?

And you don't have to be an introvert to enjoy alone time.

Using it as a time to recharge, to reflect on your year or to simply to enjoy things you're specifically interested in can make this time of season really enjoyable.

For some tips on taking advantage of your holiday alone, watch the video above.

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