Here Are 6 Tips For Having Better Sex From Panic-Inducing Website WebMD

Normally, I only jump on WebMD when I feel like adding a little melodrama to my life. I look up the causes of a slight cough (fully knowing that, at worst, I have the common cold) and promptly work myself into a tizzy of thinking I have full-blown AIDS.

I know I'm not alone in this and, truth be hold, it never hurts to be vigilant when it comes to your health.

Now, WebMD is looking to diversify by pumping out videos full of practical life topics -- one of their first stops being better sex tips. Just like we could all use a dash of drama in our lives every now and then, we can definitely all benefit from having better sex.

Here are six sex tips a la WebMD to keep you healthy and satisfied.

Work out.

You not only look better and feel more confident when you work out, but you also get blood flowing to all the right areas of your body.

Lift some weights; go on a run; do whatever suits you to get your blood and body in the mood.

Try not to get bombed so much.

Think a couple cocktails will help get you in the mood? Think again. Alcohol can lessen sensitivity and decrease blood flow due to dehydration -- the opposite of what you're trying to do with the tip above.

Also, if you need to drink just to have sex with someone, chances are, that person isn't for you. Just saying.

Schedule time for sex.

Sure, penciling in sexy fun times might sound a bit type-A, but preparing for the big moment can rev up excitement.

Put sex on the calendar this week to build anticipation and give your significant other something to look forward to.

Hug it out.

This is, without a doubt, the easiest sex tip to incorporate. Hugs feel great and can get you and your SO in the mood if you both hug each other regularly. It's all about having that special touch, baby.

Love and be loved.

If you don't express love and appreciation for your SO, how can you expect him or her to want to bone you?

Sex is always better when your love-ah expresses those warm feelings, so make sure to do the same for your partner.

Talk it out.

Get on the expressway to Pound Town by communicating with your significant other. Get it all out there -- your likes, dislikes, desires -- so you're both on the same page.

Nothing kills a boner quite like not knowing what your partner wants in the first place, so talk it out before you're between the sheets.

Watch WebMD's video above to get the full explanation on all these tips and make sure to get tested for STDs. That's the only way to cure a Symptom Checker meltdown.