5 VMAs-Inspired Fitness Classes To Get You Looking Like Beyoncé

by Angelina Zeppieri

The VMAs have come and gone, and Beyoncé still had a better day than you.

You watched her dance in "Formation" and cheered as she accepted eight awards. Sadly, you're still not waking up like Queen Bey or Britney Spears, who looked damn good for being 34 years old and having two kids.

Regardless of whether you look as great as Beyoncé, feel as good as Drake or are as passionate as Kanye West, New York City has found a way to combat the post-VMAs blues and keep the hype going.

The concrete jungle is already home to a plethora of fitness classes on any given day of the week, but leave it to NYC to find a way to bring the VMAs to life well after the performances and awarding-winning videos.

Maybe these studios got inspired by Ariana Grande's workout-inspired performance?

These five fitness classes are giving us New Yorkers a way to relive our favorite moments from the 2016 VMAs, because 5+ hours of TV just wasn't enough.

And if you're not in New York, some of these classes have locations in other cities! Also, a quick Google search can show you similar themed classes near you.

For Beyoncé lovers...

IMAXShift is hosting Beyoncé-themed rides from August 31 through September 10 to celebrate her VMA wins. The 45-minute class will showcase a series of her music videos on a huge screen while riders pedal to the surround-sound beat of her best hits.

As riders "get in formation" to the beat of Bey's best hits, they won't be able to look away from the music video mashup played on the larger-than-life IMAX 3D movie screen. Super-sized visuals of Beyoncé plus a killer workout? Done deal.

For Britney's bitches...

Beyoncé's performance was a tough act to follow, so Cyc Fitness is giving Britney credit with a Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera ride on September 5.

Cyc Fitness is a high-energy, music-driven, indoor cycling experience that offers a unique, whole-body workout. You can spend your long weekend with a sweat-drenching class, instead of just lying on your couch.

For the Kanye-crazed...

Oh, how we love SoulCycle. It's a fun, beat-based spinning class in the dark, so no one can really see how much you're struggling or sweating. Leave it to SoulCycle to put the spotlight on the man who can't escape the VMAs spotlight.

"The Evolution of Kanye West" ride on September 3 takes place in SoulCycle's SoHo location. That's soul, bro.

For releasing your inner Rihanna...

Those inspired to move like Rihanna following the VMAs can take a KGBody class with top YG trainer Katherine Greiner. Katherine's classes feature dance moves straight out of music videos, and they finish with a sculpting session for an intense, full-body workout.

YG Studios is a digital platform bringing the basics back to fitness. YG allows some of the country's most innovative trainers the ability to harness their distinctive workouts for a variety of classes from bootcamp and dance cardio to HIIT and yoga.

For those who dance like Drake...

Banana Skirt Productions will help you improve on your moves as you work out to VMA winners like Calvin Harris and Drake. Choreographed dance-based workouts will have you dripping sweat and feeling like you're in the music video.

They're even holding a workout this week that is completely based on Beyoncé's "Sorry" performance from the VMAs.

Banana Skirt Productions works with Atlantic Records, so you can expect classes based off of its artists' videos. You'll burn up to 800 calories per class, all while learning dance moves to pop, reggae and hip-hop music.

Hurry and get your fix of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake, Britney and Kanye with these themed workouts around NYC. They might just get you one step, or lunge, closer to having a behind like Bey.