5 Things You Do Every Day That Actually Mean You're Psychic

We all have a sixth sense: Something within us that tells us when danger is lurking, when there's someone or something we shouldn't trust. Whether it's a gut feeling, or a general sense of "knowing" something that seems to come out of the blue, we're directed all the time to trust our gut, to follow our intuition. It might sound weird to say to someone, "trust your psychic power!" but when you tell someone to follow their intuition, that's exactly what you're doing. These five things you do every day might actually mean you're psychic.

1. Think of someone right before they text you.

Thinking of someone right before they text you is actually a form of precognition – the ability to see or perceive events right before they happen, through extra sensory perception or clairvoyance.

If you find this happening to you a lot, does it mean you could be getting a nudge from the universe to harness this smaller psychic skill into a superhuman psychic ability? Probably!

I mean, think about what you could be doing for your love life!

2. Always looking at the clock at the same time.

It's been said that spirits try to communicate with the living through signs. Repeating numbers is one of those signs, especially the numbers 1111, or 111.

All psychic gifts can be harnessed and strengthened, like any other skill.

Numerology has a divine meaning for each number though, so if you find yourself looking at the clock at the same time of day for no reason, or seeing the same number every where, look up what the meaning is.

Thais Ramos Varela

Getting these messages could be a sign of channeling, the ability to connect with spirits or guides who have passed on.

The best way to strengthen this ability is when you see something that you think might be a sign, ask the spirit you think is sending it what it could mean.

3. Getting a "bad vibe" from someone and getting chills.

This is a sign of clairsentience, or the ability to feel clearly into the energy of someone else. It's one of the most common psychic gifts, and out of all the psychic gifts it is the most down-to-earth. People who are clairsentient often talk about "having a feeling" about someone or something, either good or bad.

If you think you're clairsentient, trust your gut. REALLY! It's the apex of your own psychic power. You may also get messages through your physical body.

You may walk into someone's home and feel a heavy, sad energy in it... only to find out that the people who lived there before went through a tragic accident.

4. Getting a random image in your head when you hold an object.

Let's say you're ordering your morning coffee from Starbucks (since psychic senses are heightened when we are our most relaxed) and the moment you're passed your coffee, you get an image of a little girl throwing a temper tantrum.

Cherish Bryck

As you're walking away, you hear the barista who made you your coffee complain about the temper tantrum her daughter threw that morning when she left for work.

This is what's called psychometry, or token-object reading, and it's one of the easiest psychic skills to practice. Though it may only come through sometimes, the more you pay attention to it, the more often it can happen.

5. Having a dream about someone and finding out they wanted to talk.

Dreaming about someone you haven't thought of in a long time and waking up to find that they've been trying to reach out to you, or that they've been thinking of reaching out to you is a form of telepathy, the ability to hear or transmit messages with the mind.

The beginning stages of telepathy mainly occur during dreams because that is when your mind is the most relaxed and open to receiving these messages. However, the more you open yourself up to this gift, the better you'll get at it.

You may also find you naturally have this ability with the people you're closest to, knowing when they are in trouble or going through a hard time.

All psychic gifts can be harnessed and strengthened, like any other skill.

We tend to believe because of what we've seen in movies that being psychic is something you're born with.

In truth, every practicing psychic will tell you that they developed their gift through dedication and practice, and that you can too!