12 Adult Coloring Books For When A Glass Of Wine Isn't Cutting It

by Leigh Weingus

Coloring? For adults?

I know. I'm still coming around to the idea myself. But the research is in: Coloring books are excellent stress busters.

Spending some time coloring inside the lines every day (if you screw up, no judgment here) is a great way to relax. When we color, we're focused on coloring. We're not focused on what we're worried about.

Coloring is so effective in reducing stress, it can even lower blood pressure.

Art therapist Lacy Mucklow explained to USA TODAY,

The repetitive actions [of coloring] release serotonin, the brain transmitter responsible for relaxation.

If you still aren't sold, I should note Elite Daily's own Lydia Mansel bought a "Harry Potter" coloring book and colored in it every night for a week. The results were astounding. She had fewer headaches, slept better, her back stopped hurting and she ate less.

Want to create your own masterpieces and change your life for the better? I don't blame you.

Here are 12 coloring books to choose from.

"Harry Potter" Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book, $14, Amazon 

"Enchanted Forest" Coloring Book

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book, $13, Amazon 

"Star Wars" Art Therapy Coloring Book

Star Wars coloring book

Star Wars De-Stress Coloring Book, $12, Amazon 

"Secret Paris" Coloring Book

Secret Paris coloring book

Secret Paris Coloring Book, $9, Amazon

"Secret New York" Coloring Book

Secret New York coloring book

Secret New York Coloring Book, $9, Amazon 

"Color Me Girl Crush" Coloring Book

Color Me Girl Crush coloring book

Color Me Girl Crush Coloring Book, $10, Amazon 

"Stress Relieving Patterns" Coloring Book

Stress Relieving Coloring Book

Stress Relieving Patterns Coloring Book, $10, Amazon

"Butterflies & Flowers" Coloring Book

Butterflies & Flowers Coloring Book

Butterflies & Flowers Coloring Book, $6, Amazon 

"Color Your Own Classic Movie Posters" Coloring Book

Classic Movie Posters Coloring Book

Color Your Own Classic Movie Posters Coloring Book, $5, Amazon 

"CityScapes" Coloring Book

CityScapes Adult Coloring Book

Cityscapes Coloring Book, $5, Amazon

"A Game of Thrones" Coloring Book

Game Of Thrones Coloring Book

A Game of Thrones Coloring Book, $13, Amazon 

"Sex Position" Coloring Book

Sex Position Coloring Book

Sex Position Coloring Book, $14, Amazon 

What are you waiting for? Fill up your shopping cart, buy a set of colored pencils and start coloring.