Entertainment — Esther Povitsky's Astrology Reading Reveals SO MUCH About Her

Esther Povitsky of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Pisces sun and it shows.

Esther Povitsky has often played shy, mousey (her words, not ours) characters: Maya in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Esther in Alone Together, and Izzy in Dollface, to mention a few. However as she shows in her new Comedy Central special, Hot For My Name, she is not the small mousey character she plays. We set up Esther with our in-house astrologer, Valerie Mesa, and asked Valerie to give Esther a birth chart reading. Esther is a Pisces sun, Leo moon, and Sagittarius rising and right off the bat, Esther was already proving how Pisces she is. Watch the video to see how much of Esther's life lines up with her signs because well, it's a lot!