5 Ways to Survive Your Long Flight Like a Champ

by Shannon Ullman

All right, so you've finally mustered up the guts to book that flight you've been dreaming of and get one step closer to vacation.

However, that travel excitement quickly vanishes when it dawns on you that you'll be sitting in the equivalent of a metal can for nine hours before you get there.

Instead of letting the thought of boredom, anxiety and discomfort take away from your vacation euphoria, use some of these tips to survive your flight like a champ.

Bring snacks -- good ones.

Treat yourself like a mom would treat a toddler getting ready for a flight. The first thing that goes into your carry-on is a ton of snacks.

Eating is one of the best ways to pass the time and if you pack the right snacks, it can give you both energy and something to look forward to during the long flight.

Don't be lazy and just grab a boring bag of chips on your way through the terminal. Do some shopping the night before the flight and prepare some of your real favorites.

Also, be conscious of what you're packing as certain foods can help you beat jet-lag and stave off the lethargic feeling that comes with sitting on a plane.


Fruits like bananas contain muscle relaxing properties and promote better sleep, while almonds contain melatonin to help you get some rest in as well.

Plan out your activities.

Plan your flight like you would your day to keep your flight busy. If you have a list of things to do while waiting to get to your destination, you'll be able to fight the boredom head on.

Schedule in some time for your meals, do a cocktail hour, watch a movie, take a nap, write those thank-you cards you've been meaning to get around to, read a few magazine articles or the whole issue.

Maja Topcagic

Download some podcasts, stand-up comedy or a new album you've been meaning to listen to as well. Or it may just be the perfect time to get started on that book you got for Christmas or to write the poems you've always wanted to work on.

Wear the right clothes.

If you're spending hours on a flight, you have to wear clothes that are both comfortable and practical.

For example, don't wear shoes that are difficult to get on and off because you may want to ditch them and curl up in the seat once you get on the plane.

Stay away from bulky layers that you're going to have to keep removing when you get hot and stuffy -- they'll also take up valuable room in your seat.

Sofia Sforza

Stay away from dresses, rompers or pants that are difficult to remove so you won't have to spend unnecessary time in the tiny bathroom trying to get them off.

Consider wearing items like compression socks to help keep your feet warm and to help with blood flow so you don't have to get up a million times to walk around for fear of blood clots.

Get your zen on.

If the thought of a flight triggers your anxiety, it's important to get in as much of a zen-like state as possible during your flight.

While popping a Xanax may do the trick, you could also try less extreme options like avoiding caffeine and drinking herbal teas with chamomile and other well-known soothers.

Download meditation or “yoga music” to help keep you calm and do some breathing exercises to keep your stress levels at bay. You could also pack some lavender oil and put it on your temples or under your nose for more soothing effects.

Take care of your body.

The atmosphere created in a plane can wreak havoc on your body. It's mostly dehydrating and can make you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin.

Drink as much water as you can and add a little lemon or lime to spruce it up a bit and give you a boost.


Bring some body lotion to apply every few hours or some kind of wash or spray for your face. Anything scented with mint or citrus will help you feel the most invigorated, clean and awake.

Above all, just remember while it may feel like forever, the flight will eventually end. And when it does, you'll finally be on that vacation you've been fantasizing about.