Why A Trip To LA Is Basically 6 Vacations In One

We've all been there: You're desperate for some R&R, but unable to decide on a vacation destination to save your life.

Seriously — choosing whether to soak up the sun on a beach, get treated like royalty at a spa, explore the great outdoors or experience the art and culture of a new city is like choosing between a mimosa and a bloody mary at brunch.

It's basically impossible.

But you work hard and you're long overdue for a freaking vacation. Who says you can't have it all?

This is where LA comes in. Yes, as in Los Angeles. The best thing about LA (apart from being a chic AF major metropolis) is its diversity as a destination spot. Choosing LA for your next getaway means NOT having to choose among the million different types of vacations you want to go on.

Trust us, this city has it all.

Here's what you can expect when you plan a trip to Los Angeles.

A lazy beach holiday

Our ideal vacation usually consists of lying on a pristine beach, sipping a piña colada and listening to the waves roll in. And maybe chilling on a boat, but ONLY if we're feeling well-rested.

Malibu, California is pretty much the definition of beachy. It's a short drive from downtown LA and has 27 miles of beautiful coastline, where you can do everything from take a surfing lesson to charter a sailboat, all while feasting on the freshest seafood around. Or just lie on the beach — you can do that too.

A music festival

Dust off your flower crown because LA is brimming with some of the coolest live music venues in existence. The Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theater offer outdoor shows with epic mountain backdrops and Walt Disney Concert Hall is the go-to for classical performances. Bonus: It's pretty much always music festival weather in LA, so outdoor concerts are BAE.

Looking for something a little grittier? Hit up The Viper Room or Whiskey a Go Go to live out your inner rock-and-roll fantasies.

A culinary adventure

What's better than eating your way through a new city? Los Angeles has everything that your foodie heart desires, from Michelin-Starred eateries to more than one restaurant by Mr. Wolfgang Puck himself.

And if you want a ticket to flavor town WITHOUT the fanciness of fine dining? Create your own street food tour and stop by some of the legendary food trucks that are parked all around the city. Trust us — LA food trucks offer a lot more than just late night tacos.

A mountain escape

We could all benefit from unplugging our electronics and spending a few days breathing in fresh mountain air. This is more than possible if you're visiting LA. Camping lovers can head to Malibu Creek State Park for horseback riding and fishing or to Angeles National Forest, which offers a ton of different campsite options. Either way, you can get your mountain fix without having to leave Los Angeles County.

Not a big camper but still want to reap the benefits of a day in the wild? Hike the trails at Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon Park for city views from natural perches.

A wellness retreat

Looking for a relaxing getaway that's all about self-care? Then the spa life is the life for you.

Beverly Hills is known for its luxurious spas — perfect for a day of spoiling yourself. If you want to try something a little different, then hit up Koreatown, which has many well-priced spas — plus (arguably) some of the best food in the city.

A trip back in history

If your idea of a perfect vacation involves reliving (or just learning about) the days of yore, LA is the city for you.

Tour old Hollywood to see where classic films were shot, or drive through the Hollywood Hills to check out the massive homes once inhabited by La La Land's elite. If you're more of a prehistoric history buff, the La Brea Tar Pits (and accompanying museum) feature fossils of long-gone beasts like saber toothed cats and mammoths.