Why Traveling With Your SO Is Key To Taking Your Relationship To A New Level

It's been said, "Travel is the ultimate relationship test."

After all, there's nothing that will put a strain on your relationship quite like spending every waking moment of the day together as you endure long flights, shitty hostels, terrifying bugs and a few unexpected bumps in the road.

But did you know a plane ticket can also make your relationship soar to new heights?

Trekking halfway across the world with your SO requires a lot more commitment than simply showing up on time for your weekly dinner date.

Plus, going on a baecation will give you lots of time to connect on a deeper level and see your relationship in a whole new light.

If you can make it through a trip without calling it quits halfway through the journey — and if you manage to have an amazing time with your SO — you're guaranteed to come home from your adventures as a serious couple.

But in case you need more convincing, here are some of the ways travel takes your relationship to the next level:

You share experiences and make new memories.

Traveling with your SO gives you the chance to experience new and exciting things as a couple.

As you explore new places, you'll step outside of your comfort zone, learn about different cultures, try exotic foods, admire breathtaking sights, share romantic moments and see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Your experiences abroad will change you as individuals and make you grow as a couple.

When your adventures finally come to an end, the two of you will return home with a myriad of truly special memories that will last until the end of time.

You see how your SO reacts to different situations.

Traveling always has its ups and downs.

When you're sipping a piña colada out of a pineapple on a beautiful beach, you're bound to see the best side of your SO.

But as you probably know, traveling isn't always sunsets, rainbows and butterflies.

You're bound to have a few setbacks, whether it's flight delays, illness, lost luggage or bad weather. When shit finally hits the fan, you'll learn a lot about the way your SO deals with difficult situations.

You'll begin to notice whether your boyfriend is someone who keeps his cool and looks for solutions when stressful situations arise... or if he is someone who throws an all-out man-fit whenever things don't go his way.

You could discover your bae transforms into grumpy asshole the minute he becomes tired and hungry, or you may find your SO has caring, compassionate side you never knew about until you became sick during your travels.

The dilemmas you run into on the road will reveal your SO's true colors and ultimately give you an idea of what you can expect when you're faced with future challenges as a couple.

You learn to work as a team.

Traveling requires you and your SO to operate a team and make a seemingly endless amount of joint decisions.

Whether it's working together to make sense of a map that's written in a different language or watching each other's luggage while you take turns running to bathroom, traveling requires having each other's backs.

Everything you do on the road will require you to cooperate and reach agreements, whether it's choosing destinations and daily activities or simply picking a restaurant for dinner.

Making all of these compromises will teach you how to communicate with your SO better and allow you to understand which situations require a little give and take to make both of you happy.

You learn a lot about each other's habits in a very short time.

Traveling tends to reveal a lot about your who you are as a person.

When you're spending basically all of your with someone, it becomes nearly impossible to keep some of your less-attractive habits under wraps.

You might find out that your SO snores loud enough to wake people in a neighboring country and has a annoying tendency to leave his dirty socks all over the place.

On the flip side, your SO might finally discover that you do in fact poop from time to time and don't always shave your legs.

You'll see each other in a raw, unadulterated form and learn to appreciate one another for who you both truly are, despite some of your extremely gross or annoying habits.

It's strengthens your friendship.

When you spend every waking moment of the day with someone for an extended period of time, it allows you to bond on a new level and build a rock-solid friendship.

Between long flights, car rides, intimate dinners and down time, traveling gives you a lot of time to have meaningful conversations and learn about every facet of your SO's life, values, ideologies, hopes, fears and aspirations.

As you face challenges and share special moments together on the road, you'll eventually find that your SO becomes more than just a romantic partner and travel companion.

They become your best friend — and what on Earth could possibly be better than going on a grand adventure with someone who's not only your best friend, but the love of your life?