If You Want A Free Flight To New Zealand, All You Need Is A Job Interview

by Hope Schreiber

I know what you're thinking: Boy, I can't even get a job interview in the country I LIVE in, and you're telling me New Zealand's going to fly me out to Hobbit-world FOR FREE to hire me?

Kind of, if you're the best of the best in the tech world. I assume if you're anything like me, you're not...

I go through six computers a year due to gross incompetence and a terrible addiction to online porn.

Wellington, which is called the tech and innovation capital of the South Pacific, has a program called "Looksee Wellington," and they're giving 100 people free flights and accommodation to visit the city for a week.

The only catch is you have to attend job interviews with tech companies, which are pre-arranged.

One company that calls Wellington home is Weta Digital, which did the visual effects for both "Avatar" and "Lord of the Rings."

These companies hope to find people to fill open positions in software development, digital production and creative directors.

After your week of exploring and interviewing, you'll be given a job from one of the companies.

Bonus points? There's a beach nearby and it's the craft beer capital of the country.

God, if only I had skills other than weaving these beautiful sentences together in such gorgeous prose for the internet and the ability to find very, very specific pornography.

If you want in on this sweet, sweet deal, create a profile on the LookSee website.

The employers in Wellington will scour the website for their ideal candidates and whoever wracks up the most nominations will be flown out to Wellington.

So, you know what to do, friends. Lie on those resumes like you normally do, and land the job of your dreams!

Then, try to learn how to do that job, but totally understand if your new company lets you go once they realize how terrible you are.

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