6 New York City-Inspired Lessons For Traveling Around The World

by Helena Negru

Living in New York is a dream for a lot of people, but some lucky fellows actually manage to step foot on the Big Apple, and turn it into their home.

Drinking cosmos in Upper East Side and walking by Randy Fenoli's kingdom, Kleinfeld Bridal, on the way to your dream job is definitely going to change your perspective on life. This city changes you in unexpected ways.

Living in NY is a never-ending adventure, and like all adventures, there's a lot to learn from it. Here are the lessons you can use for traveling that you can only learn from living in New York:

Keep your stuff close by.

When you live in New York you need to keep an eye on your stuff, otherwise, you might end up without your valuables.

This is a lessons many new New Yorkers learn the hard way, when they leave their bag on the cafe table or when they leave something behind in a taxi. This is a highly valuable life lesson for travelers because when you land on Charles de Gaulle airport, one small mistake is enough to find yourself without your bags.

Keep your eyes wide open, just like you would do in the Big Apple.

Keep the eye on the road.

When you look at the New York foot traffic, you will notice lots of people who look on the road, keeping an eye on their surroundings. You will also notice people who seem to be glued to their phones. New Yorkers know if you close your eyes for a second, you might find yourself missing a crosswalk light, or find yourself in other people's way.

When you're in a new area, it's best to keep your focus off your phone and on your surroundings. There are studies that show the number of fatalities increases when there is a mobile device involved. Travelers are prone to look around behind their cameras, which distorts the distances and make you prone to accidents.

Know how to get home.

From the first moment you set foot in New York, you need to know how to get back to where you're staying. This principle applies to traveling as well; if you don't know how to get back to your hotel, it could be an unnecessary stress. Before you even arrive in the city, have a map of the area and instructions on how to go from your hotel to major sights and transportation lines.

Accept people as they are.

New York is known for its amazing mix of people. Here you will find all races, nationalities and styles. From bohemian artists to stiff businessmen, New York is home for everyone and everything.

This is what attracts more and more visitors and new dwellers to New York, and it teaches everyone to accept people as they are. When you travel, you are going to see a lot of diversity in people, places and more.

For example, taxis vary across the world, so a simple ride can look and feel different, depending on where you are. If you've lived in New York, you will know how to appreciate diversity. The more you see, the better you will understand your own place in the world.

Be confident and know when to speak up.

New York teaches you to have an attitude.

If you are a New Yorker, you are quick, alert and you know when to speak up for yourself. Confidence is never in short supply for city dwellers.

These are two traits you need to master when you are on the road. Confidence can get you out of many delicate situations and can push you outside your comfort zone, while the ability to speak up allows you to let people know when you are not comfortable.

Listen to your intuition.

New York is an unique city. It's diverse, has a fast pace and it can be both frightening and delightful. If you live in New York, you've learned to listen to your intuition. For example, if the subway car that pulls in front of you is empty, your intuition will scream “do not get inside,” as in most cases, the car is empty for a reason.

Anything can happen, so you always have to keep your wits about you. The same lessons apply to traveling; your intuition will save you from a lot of unpleasant situations, so listen to it.