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Travelers Break Down The Real Cost Of Those Breathtaking Round-The-World Trips


If you've ever seen the picture above, or the many others like them, or even have the slightest access to Instagram, chances are you've been jealous of someone else's travel plans before.

That also makes it likely that you've asked yourself what it would take to get a job that pays you to travel. Or, better yet, how much would it cost to travel around the world on your own terms?

The latter question was the subject of a Reddit forum that was based on a straightforward question to RTW (round the world)  travelers: "Where did you go and what was your budget?"

Commenters then responded with answers that went all over the place, depending on where they went and how much time they were away, of course.

In one case, an American traveler took 333 days to travel from California, through Europe, to Asia and Australia, and then to Latin America. It cost him. The price tag?

But the most helpful pieces of information came from travelers who shared their daily budgets.

On the high end, one couple has been traveling through Asia and Europe for months on a $175 daily budget. But another couple seems to have found the key to much more cost effective traveling:

Of course, the ability to travel is likely to depend on your situation with employment. The Californian traveler, for example, says he was able to work 10-15 hours a week doing "programming work."

While the man with the $175-per-day budget put it out there plainly,

All in all, the lesson seems clear: If you don't have a whole bunch of money in the bank, you'll definitely have to find a scheme to make traveling around the world work.

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