14 Breathtaking Pics That'll Make You Want To Get On The Next Flight To Cuba

Welcome to Cuba.

Population: you (and the rest of Cuba).

But for the purpose of this travel piece, let's pretend you're flying solo for an awesome adventure around this country. Because from today, it's super easy to get to Cuba.

The first commercial flight from the US to Cuba in more than 50 years took off from Florida this morning. American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Silver Airways and Southwest Airlines will all be part of the 110 daily flights.

This marks another huge step forward for the otherwise frosty relationship between the two countries. For those who have hardcore wanderlust, it opens up an entirely new world of adventure.

So, here we are: Havana.

Cuba's capital. The home of 1950s Chevrolets, hand-rolled cigars and powerful facial hair.

Where to first?

You know what? We'll let the taxi driver decide.


"You must go see the tower. The tower is everything to me."

She's leaving little room for negotiation: Better go see that tower. You politely nod and hit the open road.


Woah! Look out your window, buddy. You're missing one hell of a view.


You arrive at the tower. But frankly, it's disappointing. You're not sure you'd even classify it as a "tower." It's more like a turret.

You've seen a lot of turrets in your time – your friends describe you as some sort of turret connoisseur – so this is mediocre by your standards.

But you step out and admire the turret up close for fear of disheartening the taxi driver, whose lust for this building knows no bounds.


But by the time you return to the car, it's been completely ransacked.

"I'm sorry," says the taxi driver. "This is where we part ways."


Dang. But you're not one to let a small thing like gunpoint vehicle-component theft ruin your day.

So, you buy yourself a nice Cuban cigar.


You head for the beach.


That's nice.


You've made it, bud: paradise.


This is why you stay late in the office every night, picking up half of Larry's workload.

Sure, he clocks off at 5 pm on the dot every day and hits happy hour with a group of women he'll later do bar-belly tequila shots off of.

But he doesn't know true adventure... not like you. Fuck you, Larry.

It's the perfect time for a dip, wouldn't you say?


Uh-oh. Looks like you've drifted too far out. Thankfully, you bump into an old, wise, Cuban manatee.

"Lost, are we, boy?" he booms.

"Yes," you whimper. He calms your nerves with his soothing, sea-cow fins.

You follow him to safety.


Wait a second: This isn't the way you got to the beach.


"Get in," orders the manatee.


*Speed-dials Larry for immediate assistance*