6 Reasons You Should Book A Solo Trip Instead Of Going Home For The Holidays

by Kaveri Khorana
Jacques van Zyl

Year after year, we wait for the holidays to spend time with the ones we love, the ones who make us laugh and the ones who make us cry.

They're the ones we hate to love and the ones we love to hate.

Holidays make us remember everything we are thankful for, and they remind us of everything and everyone we have. It's an amazing feeling to know you belong somewhere and that you're loved.

It's the comfort zone we all love, and so do I. But, I have different plans for my holiday this year.

Typically, I go home and celebrate the holidays at home with my family and friends. However, this time around, I felt the need to do something different and break away from my routine.

I figured with Brexit, a trip to London would be 20 percent cheaper than it normally would. But, that's not the only reason I've decided to solo travel for the holidays.

Here are six reasons you should book tickets to a place that isn't home:

1. Change is refreshing.

As humans, most of us hate change and don't embrace it very well. Traveling is something a lot of people do to make sure they get their "refreshing" change of pace and unwind from the crazy ride called life.

But, a solo trip takes that feeling to another level.

A vacation with friends and family is a lot of fun, but the peace and energies you absorb while you're on a solo trip cannot be matched.

2. It's a gift to yourself.

A solo trip is the best possible gift you can give yourself.

That's because it's all yours to unwrap. You don't have to share it the way you're expected to, and you don't have to go by the rules.

A solo trip has no plans and no expectations, and that's what makes it the best gift you can give yourself.

3. It puts things in perspective.

When I announced I was planning to spend my precious week alone without my family, a lot of my friends were taken by surprise. Some even found it odd that I chose a solo trip over being with my family.

But, I have no regrets about my decision, and neither will you.

Your trip is almost like a pilgrimage to discovering yourself and who you are as a person. It will help you put a lot of things into perspective.

4. It's the perfect amount of "me" time.

Hanging out with your immediate and distant relatives can get extremely overwhelming after a certain point.

A solo trip is your break from all the questions about your future plans, current plans and where your life is going.

Sure, you can have some introspective thoughts, but that's very different from being interrogated by your family.

That solo trip you're going on or contemplating is going to be filled with "me" time that you're in desperate need of.

5. You meet new people.

Traveling to a new place alone is great because you're more open to meeting new people.

You interact with people who come from completely different cultures, families and schools of thought, and you become a part of something bigger.

You might even experience some personal growth when you're outside the boundaries of your comfort zone and hometown.

6. It's the best escape.

So, you had your heart broken, you didn't land your dream job or your life in general just hasn't turned out to be the way you imagined it would.

A solo trip is what fills all these voids.

When I booked my tickets to London, so many thoughts were running through my head. I kept thinking about what a rough year I've had and how I just wanted to experience something new.

In that moment, I realized this solo trip was the best thing I could do for myself. I promised I'd make it a trip I would never forget.

So if you're looking to do something different this holiday season, book yourself a solo trip.

Get ready for a fresh start and the experience of a lifetime.