Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 looks are perfect Wonder Woman-themed Halloween costumes
These Easy Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes Will Save The Day

Suffering Sappho, you’re going to need one of these Wonder Woman costumes.

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Wonder Woman has long been one the coolest superheroes and franchises of comic books, cartoons, and, now, blockbuster movies. And with such a rich history, the film has naturally given way to myriad variations of Wonder Woman Halloween costumes, each depicting the various versions of the superhero in slightly different ways. You can go vintage Wonder Woman, full Gal Gadot, or even something fun and campy. Just make sure you have the invisible jet to charter you to all your Halloween destinations.

This Justice League founding member first entered the world of DC Comics in 1941, and she’s been a villain-busting icon ever since. Her first outfit featured a classic red bustier with an eagle emblem, star print skirt, tiara, and gauntlets. From there, her style has evolved many times, so there are many Wonder Woman “looks” you can execute — maybe a different one for every Halloween party?

If you don’t have a collection of Wonder Woman clothes on hand, you can get Diana Prince’s classic look with one of these costumes. Halloween is right around the corner, so you don’t want to wait before grabbing your Lasso of Truth and saving the world... or at least winning best dressed in a Halloween costume competition.

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Yandy’s Wonder Babe Costume ($78, Yandy) has everything. The star-patterned skirt is flouncy and fun for a night filled with dancing. The lace-up top also adds an extra flair to your Amazonian princess. But, the look wouldn’t be complete without a lasso on the costume’s belt.


You’ll pop out against all the other Wonder Woman with Fun’s Superhero Costume ($85, Fun). The shiny material will beguile any that see it. It also includes a tiara and gauntlets to complete the uniform.


For her transformation in Wonder Woman 1984, Diana upgraded from her classic red, white, and blue to sleek golden armor. Party City’s Wonder Woman Costume ($50, Party City) captures the phoenix look while not actually forcing you to cover yourself in heavy metal.


Although Wonder Woman isn’t known for her cape, you’ll feel powerful and light in Spicy Lingerie’s Wonderful Babe Costume ($65, Spicy Lingerie). Sure, Edna Mode may not approve, but you’ll love the power the feeling of an October breeze going through this majestic cape gives you.


Take it back to the original Wonder Woman with Party King’s Wonderful Costume ($76, Amazon). The sequined top gives you the extra sparkle you deserve, whereas the full skirt adds some flounce.


It doesn’t get much more ~risqué~ than Midnight Rouge’s Faux Corset ($35, Midnight Rouge). The bustier has a lace-up back, front clasps, and star-spangled, built-in shorts. If you’re looking to make this Halloween hotter than usual, this ‘70s Wonder Woman realness is calling your name.