How To Make The Perfect DIY 'Wonder Woman' Costume This Halloween

by Billy Lorusso
Warner Bros.

Well, my dear internet friends, the inevitable has finally happened: Fall is here. (OK, I know the ~official~ first day of fall is not for a couple of weeks, but everyone knows fall begins right after Labor Day.) Though fall does mean colder weather and no more beach days, there are plenty of upsides like comfy sweaters, pretty foliage, apple cider donuts, and HALLOWEEN. This year, as always, there are a lot of great, timely Halloween costumes to choose from, but, if you ask me, DIY Wonder Woman costumes are the way to go for sure.

That's right, what better way to take the stress out of finding the perfect costume than to take the year's biggest box office hit and DIY? Of course, there are ways to go all out and make your costume completely from scratch (watch out, Lindy Hemming) but, if you're on a time crunch, there are also easier ways to string together Wonder Woman's classic look in just a few days (or hours if you're really crafty).

1. The first thing you'll need is a black wig.

Simple enough, even simpler if you already have long black hair. (Though it is 2017, so I doubt anyone would call you out for going with your natural hair, whatever color it is.)

2. You'll want to find yourself some rope.

This is for Diana's iconic "Truth Lasso." About four to five feet should be good for this. If you're feelin' extra crafty, spray paint the rope gold and throw some gold glitter on the wet paint to give off a glowing illusion.

3. A corset or bodice.

If you have one already, great; if not, Amazon has plenty for reasonable prices.

4. Craft foam... and lots of it.

You can use craft foam for most of Diana's accessory pieces, as well as her more decorative designs. Use a permanent marker to carefully sketch the designs from Diana's corset, tiara, and bracelets onto craft foam.

5. Gold & burgundy spray paint.

Spray paint the craft foam pieces for the corset burgundy and the accessory pieces gold to match Wonder Woman's costume. (You should already have some from spray painting the lasso.)

6. A hot glue gun.

After the craft foam designs have dried, hot glue them to your corset, or, for the bracelet and tiara, use velcro to make sure they stay on.

7. A royal blue skirt or pants.

If you want to give the skirt the ripped detail of Diana's, you can try buying fabric and making the slits yourself, then hot gluing the skirt to the corset.

8. A pair of sensible (don't forget you'll be in this things all night) gladiator sandals or knee high boots.

For that extra authentic WW flair, spray paint these bad boys gold, as well.

And that's it, that's all you need to pull off an amazing Wonder Woman costume this year. Of course, there are ways to get even more nuanced and detailed, so if you have the time and energy, go for it! There are also tons of other DIY costume ideas — like the "old" Taylor or Game of Thrones characters — that would win you a costume contest this year. If you do decide to go with Wonder Woman, here are some amazing inspirations:

Have a happy and safe Halloween, Amazons!