How To Pull Off "The Old Taylor" This Halloween, Because It's The Perfect Costume

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Halloween is right around the corner, y'all. It's pumpkin spiced latte season, fall decorations are slowly starting to appear in Target, and everyone is pondering over their Halloween costumes. It's freakin' exciting! It's the most wonderful time of the year! No... it's not Christmas. So, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a Taylor Swift costume? Well, I guess you could dress like the clown from It, but you definitely won't make any friends at any parties. Look no further, because I will be "the old Taylor" Halloween costume guru this year. Let's look back at the ending of her music video, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and transform into each and every one of the old Taylors. I call dibs on Circus Ringleader Taylor! Let us begin.

1. Platinum Blonde Taylor

Platinum blonde Taylor is goth, stylish, and sexy. This look lasted one year in 2016, and honestly, we all kind of loved it. Although this Taylor didn't have a starring role in the "LWYMMD" music video, if you look closely, you will find her in the pile of Taylors. Here's how to achieve the look:

  1. Buy a short platinum blonde wig
  2. Buy a black glitter dress
  3. Find high leather boots
  4. Look serious and sensual at all times
  5. Throw on intense lipstick
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2. "Out of the Woods" Taylor

Taylor's zombie-esque corpse from her “Out of the Woods” video was the final music video release from the 1989 era. It was basically the very end of all “Old Taylors.” This costume is a classic:

  1. Cover your entire body with dirt and mud (or just use brown makeup!)
  2. Tease your hair in the messiest sort of ways
  3. Find a baby blue dress and splatter it with mud
  4. Find several vines or ropes and wrap them around your body
  5. Look distressed

3. "Shake It Off” Ballerina Taylor

Taylor Swift is an innocent white swan in her music video for “Shake It Off,” although we all know she's not innocent. This look is easy to achieve, and you'll for sure be recognized as an “Old Taylor.” Here's what you'll need:

  1. A giant white tutu
  2. A pair of white tights
  3. White feathers for your hair
  4. A silver tiara
  5. A white leotard
  6. Ballet slippers

4. Circus Ringleader Taylor

Swift wore this outstanding outfit for the 2012 Red video and throughout her Red Tour. Her red, sequined coat and top hat make this look totally Taylor. If you can find a red sequined coat, get it, girl. If not, you're going to have to make one. Here's what to do:

For the coat:

  1. Buy a cheap black jacket at a thrift shop
  2. Buy red, glittery sequins at a craft store
  3. Buy super glue or a hot glue gun
  4. Glue red sequins on the jacket in an even line, covering the entire jacket
  5. Let the jacket dry overnight

For the rest of the costume:

  1. Buy a top hat and cover the brim with red sequins
  2. Buy black shorts
  3. Wear black boots
  4. Carry around a cane or baton
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 5.  “You Belong With Me” Taylor

Remember teenage T. Swift wearing a "Junior Jewels" white T-shirt in the "You Belong With Me" video? She was covered in guys' names and now she's covered in her squad members' names. Is she making fun of herself? Definitely. Here's what to do:

  1. Buy a white T-shirt
  2. Write Swifty's squad names all over it
  3. Wear your hair messy and in your face
  4. Put on thick framed glasses (take out the lenses, unless you actually need them)

6. 2009 VMAs Taylor

Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs was a huge moment in history. Who could forget it? This costume is easy:

  1. Buy a silver glitter dress
  2. Find a fake/real microphone and carry it around
  3. Find a silver statue that resembles a Moon Person
  4. Look really surprised all night
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7. Fearless Tour Taylor

This is where it all started. The Fearless Tour Taylor. Who wouldn't want to be this Taylor?

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Here's the look:

  1. Find a guitar and bedazzle it like a crazy person
  2. Wear a glittery dress
  3. Wear a curly blonde wig
  4. Smile a lot

Happy Halloween, Swifties! This should be the best year yet!