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How To Do The Douyin Blush Trend You're Seeing All Over TikTok

Geometry, but make it glowy.

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The Douyin blush trend is the latest beauty hack filling the TikTok airways. All it takes is some strategically placed blush to create a sun-kissed look that’s giving sunburn blush a run for its money. The Douyin blush trend has already racked up nearly 10 million views on TikTok, making it one of the app’s most popular makeup hacks. As a beauty writer, part of my job is to keep you from wasting time scrolling through social media apps looking for the perfect viral beauty trend rundown and Douyin blush is no exception. I’ve got you covered on what the trend is, how to do it, and what products you need to pull off TikTok’s latest viral beauty look.

To simplify the process, I got all the details on how to recreate this viral sensation from Lauren Stretch, a beauty expert from Revolution Beauty. She explained everything you could possibly want to know about Douyin Blush, from where the look came from to the best TikTok tutorials for seeing it in action along with her favorite product for creating the Douyin blush look. All aboard because here’s everything you need to know to hop on the Douyin blush trend train.

What is the viral Douyin blush trend?

According to Stretch, the Douyin blush trend started in China. In fact, Douyin is the commonly used term for TikTok in China. Since it started, the look has traveled from China to Korea, Japan, and the UK, and has now officially made its way to the states.

Simply put, the Douyin Blush trend is a style of blush application. Rather than focusing on a single point, the Douyin Blush trend involves applying the product all over your face. Much like the sunburn blush trend, the Douyin Blush trend calls for blushing up your cheekbones, nose, and chin to create a sun-kissed, doll-like look.

How does the Douyin Blush trend work?

While some TikTok beauty trends seem to pop out of thin air with no rhyme or reason, the Douyin Blush trend is a trend that’s blowing up because it looks so good. “This method is so successful in creating dimension in the face because it extends the usual blush placement to all the points on the face that the sun naturally hits,” Stretch explains. Plus, since you’re putting blush on multiple points on your face, it creates a super cohesive, sun-kissed look.

How do you do Douyin blush?

Like any good makeup trend, the Douyin Blush trend isn’t hard to recreate, but it does require some precision. “Starting on bare skin or a makeup base, take a liquid or cream blush and etch a small V shape on the high points of your cheekbones, chin, and the tip of your nose,” Stretch says. She suggests you aim the Vs on your cheekbones to point to your nose and away from your ears. and add a little more to just above the outer corners of your eyes.

After applying your Vs all over, take a slightly dampened beauty blender and blend this out. If you don’t like using sponges, don’t fret. “Using your fingers will also give a natural, lightweight finish to the skin,” Stretch says. If the blush looks too light once you’ve buffed and blended it, up the ante slowly. Stretch advises working in layers until you achieve the intensity you want.

What are the best products to use to achieve the Douyin blush trend?

“Due to the precise nature of this trend, the type of blush you use does matter,” Stretch says. “Cream or liquid blush is the best option as they will melt seamlessly into both bare skin and a makeup base.” While some TikTokers, like Mitch Briones, actually used one of their lipsticks, Stretch doesn’t necessarily recommend following in their footsteps. “Lipstick is likely to look more blotchy,” the beauty expert advises. Also, powder blushes aren’t your friends for Douyin blush. According to Stretch, powder doesn’t deliver the dewy finish that’s so central to the style.

If you don’t have any liquid or cream blushes on hand, Stretch has just what the doctor ordered: Revolution’s Blush Bomb. “It’s buildable, blends out seamlessly into the ski, and has a doe-foot applicator [for those] tactical V placements,” she says. It also costs just $8 so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

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The TikTokers making Douyin blush viral use a wide variety of blushes (and lippies) to achieve their version of the look. Briones, whose lipstick Douyin blush look is notably non-blotchy used Romand’s Zero Velvet Tint Baked Series #14 in Pecan Tarte. For a more fuchsia touch to your glow, you could replicate TikToker beauty guru Atarah’s Douyin blush look using KVD’s Mod-Con Liquid Gel. It’s a highly pigmented option so definitely start light with your application.

To achieve a Douyin blush look that’s less flushed and more sun-kissed, @msaisyahnoor went with Sheglam’s Color Bloom Blush in Risky Business, a peachy tone. By the end of her blending, her makeup looked glamorous but on the nude side. There’s nothing left for you to do but pick your fighter and try this viral trend for yourself.