As If You Need Anything Else In Your Life But This 'Clueless'-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

by Stephanie Montes
Hot Topic // Paramount Pictures

I'm the ultimate '90s baby. I was born in February of 1990, so my childhood was spent soaking up every detail of the era. And the fact that the movie Clueless was released when I was 5 years old means anything that looks like it would be found in Cher Horowitz's tiny backpack (I'm talking anything covered in yellow plaid and decorated with pink fur pom poms) brings back intense feelings of nostalgia within me, and I know I'm not alone. So, listen up, my Bettys, because I just found out a Clueless eyeshadow palette just launched, and trust me, you're going to want to use it more than just sporadically.

The buzz on this eyeshadow palette is that it's packed with 12 Clueless-inspired shades and a ton of references from the movie, making it perfect for any '90s enthusiast. The heart-shaped mirror is decorated with the quote, "You're a total Betty." The bottom of the palette, which adorably mimics a note on a sheet of notebook paper, reads, "Some people are not lucky enough to be as naturally adorable as you are." And you guys, that's just the jumping off point.

The eye shadows (which range from muted yellow to matte lavender to a bold aqua) are named after phrases and characters in the cult-favorite film. This is about to be your most capable-looking eyeshadow palette.

The outside of the palette is designed to look like a yellow plaid notebook that can be paired with any of Cher's outfits in the movie — but really, it's reminiscent of her iconic two-piece skirt and jacket that she pairs with her sweater vest and knee-high socks. The cover boasts a sparkly version of the movie logo and the palette name, "Totally Buggin'."

Hot Topic

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is an eyeshadow brush designed to look exactly like the maribou-feather-topped pen Horowitz uses in the iconic classroom scenes. On one end, you have the decorative fur ball, and on the other end is a pink-bristled blending brush. The handle is yellow plaid to match the outside of your palette (or your Clueless-inspired outfit) as well.

Inside the palette, you'll find 12 colors: "Whatever," a pale pink; "Totally Buggin'," a rosy mauve; "Fabulous," a matte purple; "Oops!," a pale yellow; "Makeover," a shimmery aqua blue; "Homies," a dark gray; "Dee," a pale lavender; "Total Betty," a silver glitter; "Fashion Victim," a shimmery peach; "Picky," a shimmery brown; "Ugh, As If," a shimmery yellow; and "Woman," a shimmery red.

Hot Topic

Here's where things get really good: As if you're not totally butt crazy in love with it already, the Clueless palette with the adorable eyeshadow brush only costs $14. At that price, you could load up on one for yourself and some for your best homies as holiday gifts.

The Clueless Totally Buggin' Eyeshadow Palette ($14; is a Hot Topic exclusive, so what are the chances it'll be available for much longer? Hmmm, slim to none. Act fast, because if you don't get your hands on this Clueless-inspired eye shadow palette before it sells out, trust me, you'll feel like such a bonehead.