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These Magnetic Eyelashes Are Game-Changers — & They're All Under $25 On Amazon

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There are tons of false eyelashes on the market, but the goopy glue and fiddly application can be a tall order for beginners or those short on time (or patience). Instead, consider the best magnetic eyelashes, listed ahead. These lashes contain tiny magnets, which adhere to a special magnetic liner (often included in the kit) that you draw over your lids — though it’s not sticky like traditional lash glue, and you have more playtime before it dries. But just like traditional fake eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes come in a range of styles, from soft and fluttery to voluminous and dramatic; so although there aren’t quite as many options on the market, there’s enough to suit almost every aesthetic.

“Magnetic lashes [offer] precise application without having to wait for glue to be the perfect consistency to get the best application,” offers SHEN Beauty Makeup Artist Samson Smith, who spoke to Elite Daily for this article. “[They’re] great for beginners or people who don't wear lashes often, but can be worn every day.” When shopping for magnetic lashes, Smith recommends taking a close look at the strips and design, which differentiate higher-quality pairs from lower-quality ones. “The thinner the strip the more realistic the lash will look,” he says. “I personally like a tapered design (smaller in the front and end, longer in the middle).”

Celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello, who also spoke to Elite Daily, is a huge fan of magnetic eyelashes, too — and she calls that brilliant magnetic liner a “gamechanger.” “You apply liner like usual, wait for it to dry and apply another coat, go ahead and repeat one more time and stick the lashes on, just like you would regularly,” she says.

Another point in magnetic lashes’ favor? They “can be reused MANY more times than standard lashes because there's no buildup,” Smith says. “I keep my lashes inside a pill jar, but any round container will do.”

Whether you want to look dramatically doe-eyed or subtly sultry, the best magnetic eyelashes are just a click away. Scroll on to shop five of the best you can get on Amazon.

The Overall Best Magnetic Eyelashes

With over 21,000 five-star ratings, the easbeauty Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit is one of the most popular magnetic eyelash kits on Amazon. All five pairs are made of quality synthetic fibers that feel soft to the touch, and genuinely look like the real thing — one Amazon shopper reported that people are shocked to learn that they’re faux. The brand especially prides itself on its newly formulated eyeliner, which contains more magnetic particles, less stickiness, and better longevity (so you’ll have to have a bottle of micellar water or oil cleanser on hand when you’re ready to remove it). Plus, the included tweezers are also designed to suit the natural curvature of your lids for struggle-free application.

Rave review: “These lashes are much easier to apply than conventional eyelashes. They stick so much better than I ever expected. [...] I absolutely love them, I’m a brand new mom so I don’t have much time to focus on my makeup on a daily basis. This product has made it possible to apply the eyeliner and eyelashes all within a minute or two (while I multitask) and they last all day.”

Runner Up

Made of FDA-approved ingredients and materials, these magnetic eyelashes have a lot going for them, including over 14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The set comes with five pairs of eyelashes in different styles (some look more natural, while others are more dramatic) and a big tube of magnetic eyeliner, which contains about 2 milliliters more product than you'd get from competitors. In fact, Luxillia claims that their lashes are five times more reusable and durable than lashes from other brands — and thousands of happy customers seem to agree.

Rave review: “These work way better than I thought they would! Honestly, I didn’t know magnetic liner with lashes existed - I found out when someone mentioned these on Instagram, and I thought they’d be fun to try. The eyeliner was easy to apply [...] once dry, the lashes magneted to the liner right away and held all night!”

The Best Single Pair Of Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Also available at Ulta, $8

According to Lovello, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a great pair of magnetic lashes. For those seeking drugstore options in particular, she likes KISS magnetic lashes; and this single pair from the brand is an especially good choice for those who don’t want to commit to a full set. This style, Charm, is soft, fluttery, and relatively natural-looking. Reviewers love how easy they are to apply, and the five magnets along the band ensure a secure fit — in fact, the brand claims that these stay on for a full 16 hours. The brand also reports that they can be reused up to 15 times, so considering the under-$10 price tag, you’re getting so much bang for your buck out of these.

Note that you’ll have to purchase the brand’s magnetic eyeliner separately. You can find that here.

Rave review: “The person who came up with this idea needs an award. If you can put on liquid eyeliner, you can put on these lashes. They are fantastic. They are SO much easier and less messy than using glue. [...] these are amazing. They're light. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing them [...] THE greatest invention ever (well, when it comes to cosmetics...)!”

The Best All-In-One Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

This cute little kit contains everything you need to take your falsies on the go, including five pairs of magnetic lashes, a tube of magnetic eyeliner, and a lash applicator tool. It also comes with a round lash-storage container outfitted with a mirror, which is perfect for throwing in your makeup bag. All of that, for just $15.

Rave review: “I absolutely LOVE these! I was having an extremely difficult time getting regular lashes on with the glue and just overall frustrated. However, I gave these a try and they are literally fool proof lolol. I can apply these in a matter of minutes, they look very natural and stayed on all day! I have already recommended these to several friends already. GREAT PRODUCT!”

Another Fan-Favorite Set At A Great Price

With over 10,000 five-star ratings and counting, this Arishine magnetic eyelashes kit is another bestseller on Amazon — and with a $10 price tag, it’s the best bang for your buck. This set contains a tube of eyeliner, a pair of tweezers, and five pairs of 3D, realistic-looking lashes in varying levels of thickness and length. Despite the intense volume they add to your look, they feel lightweight, adhere well, and can be reused several times, as long as you take proper care of them.

Rave review: “I’m actually obsessed with these lashes. They are so easy to use / apply. [...] The lashes literally stick on FLAWLESSLY. It’s almost hard to believe how amazing these are!! BUY THEM! [...] These are a major game changer. And the box comes with every size you could ever need from low key movie night to dramatic wedding lashes!!”


Samson Smith, SHEN Beauty Makeup Artist

Cara Lovello, celebrity makeup artist

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