The 9 Best Drugstore Cleansing Oils Under $30

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So you've decided to work a cleansing oil into your skin care routine — smart choice! Even smarter is having decided to go the drugstore route, since these straightforward, oil-based cleansers don't require any fancy bells or whistles to get the job done. Still, not all drugstore cleansing oils are created equal: The best drugstore cleansing oils expertly remove makeup, leave your skin feeling nourished but not greasy, and cost well under $30. To save yourself a lot of trial and error, though, stick with any of the nine tried-and-true oil cleansers listed ahead, which tick all those aforementioned boxes and then some.

While you can use oil cleansers on their own, most skin types will benefit from using them as the first step in your cleansing routine (aka double cleansing). Per this method, your cleansing oil breaks down all manner of makeup and skin care products (including waterproof mascara and sunscreen) while also helping to draw out excess sebum. Then your second, water-based cleanser — typically a gel or foam — can clean out your pores more effectively and whisk away any impurities that were left behind.

In a hurry? Here are the top three best drugstore cleansing oils:

1. The Classic Drugstore Cleansing Oil: Neutrogena Ultra Light Facial Cleansing Oil

2. The Best-Selling Drugstore Cleansing Oil: Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil

3. The Best Budget Drugstore Cleansing Oil: Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil

Now that you're informed on double cleansing 101, scroll on to shop nine of the best cleansing oils under $30.

The Classic Drugstore Cleansing Oil

This Neutrogena cleansing oil is among the very few (American) drugstore cleansing oils out there, but it’s a cult classic in its own right. Fans especially love that the consistency is lighter and more fluid than most other oil cleansers, but just a single pump is all you need to remove a full face of makeup — complete with waterproof mascara, no less. According to Amazon reviewers, this leaves all skin types feeling soft, moisturized, and balanced, instead of greasy or filmy. The formula has some added fragrance to it, though, so skip this if you prefer scent-free products.

The Best-Selling Drugstore Cleansing Oil

Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers swear by this cleansing oil from Burt's Bees. This is a better choice if you prefer "natural" skin care products, since everything in here — including some of the scarier-sounding ingredients (hello, isoamyl laurate and polyglyceryl-2 sesquioleate) — is derived from plants. You’ll find some more familiar ingredients in here as well, like sunflower seed oil, rosemary extract, vitamin E, and coconut oil, which all work to soften, calm, and condition your skin. Keep in mind that coconut oil is somewhat comedogenic, so this may not be the best option if you’re prone to breakouts.

The Best Budget Drugstore Cleansing Oil

Think of this Palmer’s cleansing oil as a step up from your good old tub of cocoa butter — it’s just as nourishing, but much less stodgy (and, arguably, even better at removing your makeup). Tried-and-true botanical oils — like sunflower seed, apricot, sweet almond, argan, jojoba, and rosehip — join the brand’s signature cocoa seed butter, creating a formula that leaves your skin feeling impossibly soft and properly cleansed. That impressive formula is made all the better by its single-digit price tag.

The Best Organic Drugstore Cleansing Oil

Burt’s Bees’ cleanser is certainly all natural, but certified organic by the USDA it is not. That distinction is reserved for this Badger cleansing oil. The formula couldn’t get much simpler: It’s just sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, apricot oil, vitamin E, and calendula extract — all organic, of course. Damascus rose oil makes for a special, luxurious addition to the blend, imparting both the flower’s anti-inflammatory and brightening benefits and its soft, fresh scent.

The Best Japanese Drugstore Cleansing Oil

Aptly named, the beloved Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil quickly dissolves a face full of makeup, sunscreen, and daily grime — no excessive massaging required. That said, if you do have the time and the wherewithal for a facial massage, Amazon shoppers report that this stuff comes in clutch for pulling up blackheads and oil plugs (à la that viral TikTok hack). Either way, you’ll love this cleanser’s fluid, silky consistency that washes away nicely, without leaving behind a filmy residue like thicker cleansers can.

The Fancy Drugstore Cleansing Oil

If you live in America, you won’t find this Caudalie cleansing oil at your local drugstore, but you would if you lived in France. It happens to be another natural-leaning cleanser with a refreshingly short, simple formula: This contains sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and plant-derived fragrance, along with a couple more plant-based ingredients. Reviewers with all skin types rave about this luxurious-feeling pick. One even said a 10-minute massage with this oil pulled out all their blackheads, which sounds like 10 minutes and $28 extremely well-spent.

The Best Drugstore Cleansing Oil For Face & Body

Oils are just as useful for cleansing everything below the neck, though shower oils feel really good on dry, itchy skin. And as far as oil cleansers for dry, itchy skin go, this one from Bioderma is hands-down the best — it’s from the brand’s Atoderm line, which is formulated specifically for people with very dry and/or sensitive skin. This contains some patented blends that work to keep skin soothed and moisturized for up to 24 hours, and it also helps fortify your skin's barrier for long-term hydration. This is another classic French pharmacy brand, though it can typically be found in American drugstores, too.

The Best Oil-To-Foam Drugstore Cleanser

If you find traditional foaming cleansers too drying, but love how squeaky-clean they make your skin feel, look no further than this oil-to-foam cleanser from Rael. It starts out as a silky-smooth oil cleanser, but it works up to a gentle lather when you work it into your skin — a combination that picks up both surface-level and pore-deep grime like none other. A combination of vitamin-rich olive oil, Chinaberry extract, and panthenol leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated when you rinse it off, not stripped and tight.

The Best Drugstore Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balms emulsify into oils when they’re mixed with water and massaged into your skin, so they are, at heart, cleansing oils. You’ll find even fewer cleansing balms than oils at the pharmacy — they tend to be favored by luxury and/or Korean skin care brands — so this one from Pond’s, a classic drugstore brand, is extra special. It’s just as effective as a straight-up oil at breaking down all your makeup, sunscreen, and other surface-level grime, but the silky, buttery texture feels especially decadent. Heads up: This would make an excellent alternative to Clinique’s cult-favorite Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. The formulas are similar, but this Pond’s cleansing balm costs almost a third of the price.

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