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Dixie And Charli’s Social Tourist Celebrates Its 1st Birthday With New Merch

And IG users have the first chance to shop it.

Come and get your summer clothes now, because Dixie and Charli D’Amelio have another Social Tourist drop for you, and this one’s extra special. The TikTok superstars’ line is celebrating its first anniversary, so of course the newest products have to be peak D’Amelio goodness. And, even better for us, the brand shared some exclusive pictures of Social Tourist's May 2022 drop with Elite Daily, so you can be among the first to check it out here.

This 19-item drop is rife with clothes you’ll be rewearing long into the hotter months. It has a mix-match of loungewear items like ribbed, flare pants, as well as more glamorous pieces like a vegan leather corset. Naturally, you’ll also need some basics to mix in with your summer wardrobe, but Social Tourist has you covered with crop tops and vests. Most notably, Social Tourist’s May drop has a denim skirt that’s so timeless, you could pass it down to your child 30 years from now.

If you’ve been following the brand since its conception, you know you can expect great things from a Social Tourist drop. After all, the sisters aren’t just the faces of the Hollister collab — they’re all in. “Every color, design, and fabric was handpicked by us,” Dixie and Charli previously told Elite Daily. There’s funky loungewear, basics, and some super trendy pieces you’ll drool over. Here are all the juiciest details:

Courtesy of Hollister Co.

When does Social Tourist’s May 2022 line drop?

Social Tourist is actually having two launches to celebrate its birthday. The first roll-out starts on May 19; the fashion brand will be dropping all the new goods, plus two exclusive ‘fits you can only shop on its Instagram. The two IG-exclusive outfits include an all-brown, vegan leather set with a jacket, shorts, and a bandeau top, perfect for a night out, along with a dark brown, three-piece lounge set. But, the fun’s just begun. On Friday, May 20, the full line will become available on Social Tourist’s website and in Hollister stores.

How much does Social Tourist’s May 2022 line cost?

Courtesy of Social Tourist

Similarly to its previous drops, the entire collection is super affordable. The most expensive item is a pair of jeans for $80. Everything else, for the most part, is priced between $20 and $50. Sadly, however, if you want to snag one of the exclusive sets, you’ll have to be prepared to pay for each item separately.

What’s included in Social Tourist’s May 2022 drop?

Charli and Dixie are covering a lot of bases with this drop. There are skirts, dresses, and some denim choices, all in neutral colors you can easily mix and match.

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I’m especially drawn to the daring, orange, bodycon dress with its ‘60s-style silhouette. There’s also a pair of wide-leg jeans with stripes that you’ll find yourself wearing any chance you can get. If you’ve ever hated dressing for summer, make sure you start the season right with the D’Amelios’ Social Tourist May drop.