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TikTok Found The Perfect Rare Beauty Liquid Blush Dupe For Just $8

It’s dewy, it’s blushy, and it’s *so* affordable.

David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone likes to feel like a million bucks, but spending all that on yourself is just not feasible (at least not every day). Luckily, TikTok is constantly finding the best dupes for the nicest of products, and most recently beauty gurus have discovered the perfect dupe for Rare Beauty’s viral blush. For less than $10, Revolution Beauty’s Blush Bomb is nearly an exact match to the $30 blush. From the colors to the finish to even how pigmented it is, TikTok can’t get over how similar Revolution Beauty’s liquid blush is to Rare Beauty’s, and it only costs $8.

I’m a big fan of dupes, but it’s hard to find ones that actually are as good as the OG product and is affordable. And, when it comes to Rare Beauty’s super pigmented, easy-to-apply blush, it becomes even harder to find a product that matches it. But, TikTok did all the digging and finally find a product that can hold a candle to Rare Beauty’s. And, you’ll be shocked to see how incredibly similar the two blushes are from finish to even their packaging.

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Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, while an absolute favorite of mine, is difficult to shop. It’s constantly selling out and, since it’s $20, my bank account doesn’t also approve of me adding it to my cart. But, this Revolution Beauty dupe just may save the day. Across the makeup board, beauty TikTokers are noting how similar to two are, and it’s hard not to see it. “Guys, they’re almost identical in color ... the finish is the same. The dewiness, the color, I think it’s a dupe,” Rach D’Aguanno said after testing the two blushes.

When it comes to a liquid blush, there are a few things that really set apart the winners from the losers, and this Blush Bomb is definitely a winner. Its lightweight formula is super dewy and buildable. It’s also super pigmented; one dot of color is enough to give you the summer flush of your dreams. And, to top it off, it has vitamin E in it to nourish your skin for a beyond healthy look. “This one feels more like a serum. You can definitely feel it on your skin, but it’s a thicker, moisturizing feeling. For the price point, I think you’re getting such an amazing quality blush,” TikToker Angela Park said.

But, the similarities don’t stop there. Just look at how similar Rare Beauty’s Blush in Joy is to Revolution’s in Glam Orange in Nene Schuurmans’ TikTok. Her caption “Lol, no difference (only in price), I am shook,” is so right. If you just saw her finished product, you’d never think she was using two different brands of blush.

But, what TikToker Sarah Wolak really loves are the doe applicators — in fact, they’re what reminded her of Rare Beauty’s blush. Both brands’ blushes have big applicators which make applying your makeup beyond easy. And, you can use your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender to finish the look; they’re so versatile. Currently, Revolution’s Blush Bombs come in five different shades varying from a daring purple to a classic peachy tone. However, the one that really has people abuzz is the Dolly Rose. It’s a near identical match to Rare Beauty’s most popular shade Happy. So, if you’re feeling the hot pink blush, add Dolly Rose to your cart ASAP, especially since it's only $8!

To fulfill all of your most affordable, blush-y dreams, you can check out Revolution Beauty’s Blush Bomb versus Rare Beauty’s liquid blush below. You truly won’t believe how similar all the different shades are.