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Olivia Rodrigo Revealed Her Skin Care Routine & She Uses 2 Key Products

Those two products are pretty much it, too.

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It's not every year that a person shoots to superstardom in only a few months time, but that's exactly what happened with Olivia Rodrigo. The 18-year-old "drivers license" singer has had two chart-topping singles and an album in mere months, and there's so much more to come. Amidst all of the accolades and music, she's still managed to keep her skin as glowing as ever, when the rest of us — OK, me — would be having stress breakouts galore. Olivia Rodrigo's everyday skin care and makeup routine is clearly one to copy.

"Self-care has become super important to me lately," Rodrigo says in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video. "I love alone time. I'm very much an introvert. And so, doing stuff like that really energizes me for whatever I'm doing for work or in my life." Even so, she keeps her morning routine on the simple side, starting with Olly's Heavenly Hair Gummies ($16, Olly). Beyond crediting it for making her hair super shiny and healthy, the singer notes the vitamins' delicious flavor as the highlight of her morning. Up next, she washes her face Epionce's Milky Lotion Cleanser ($34, Dermstore). After struggling with dermatitis and breakouts from wearing a mask and using products that irritated her skin, Rodrigo says her dermatologist told her to cut out all of her skin care products and simplify with just Epionce's cleanser.

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For her only moisturizer, Rodrigo puts three drops of one of The Ordinary's serums, like its Hyaluronic Acid ($7, Sephora), directly on her forehead and cheeks. Then, she likes to massage the product into her skin with a gua sha tool, similar to Herbivore's Amethyst Gu Sha ($25, Herbivore). Gently contouring it over the planes of her face, Rodrigo mentions that she finds it so calming, she'll often repeat the practice at the end of the day.

"I have the most peel-y lips for some reason. My lips aren't chapped, but they'll peel all the time. So, lip scrubs really help," Rodrigo says. Not to mention, she really loves the taste of it when a bit "accidentally" gets into her mouth. To follow that up, Rodrigo applies a good amount of Burt's Bees Chapstick ($3.59, Ulta Beauty).

When it comes to her makeup routine, Rodrigo takes her inspiration from another musician. "I just like to do it really natural and glowy, like Billie Eilish's makeup. She always just looks like she's glowing and perfect," Rodrigo says. As her base, Rodrigo always uses First Aid Beauty's Tinted Moisturizer ($28, Ulta Beauty) which she applies with her fingers to avoid dirty beauty blenders. Her next product is Glossier's Stretch Concealer ($18, Glossier), one of her favorites as it "goes on like butter." Next, she applies bronzer for a sun-kissed look before adding a touch of blush to the apples of her cheeks. Despite once being adverse to blush, Rodrigo can't get enough of it now, saying she loves how "awake and happy" it makes everyone look. She also likes to keep her highlighter on the lighter side, applying it with soft sweeps to her cheek bones and adding a dot to her inner eyes.

On to her eyes, Rodrigo fills in and brushes up her eyebrows with a pencil before using Glossier's cult-favorite Boy Brow Gel ($16, Glossier) to really fluff them up. Then, she uses Glossier's Liquid Eyeliner ($16, Glossier) to get her iconic wings. Even when getting her makeup professionally done, Rodrigo loves to curl her lashes by herself before adding mascara. Last but not least is Glossier's Ultralip, which has yet to be released (but will be soon!). According to Rodrigo, its hyaluronic acid formula is super hydrating, build-able, and accentuates the natural color of her lips.

Rodrigo has definitely mastered the no-makeup-makeup-look, and at the end, she looks excited to take on the day. "The biggest thing I've learned in makeup is that less is more, especially for me," Rodrigo says running some hair oil through her hair. "I think just accentuating your natural features is always the move and always when I feel the most confident." You can watch Rodrigo's full everyday skin care and makeup routine below.

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