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The New Beauty Buy You Need Before Heading Back To School, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every star sign deserves a little something special. Even Libras.

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The stars are aligning just in time for back-to-school season. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but sadly or happily, depending on how you look at it, it’s almost time to pick up your books and pencils again. Considering this doesn’t sound super fun for most, amidst all your back-to-school shopping, you deserve a little treat. As you toss new notebooks and packs of colored pens into your cart, throw in one of the below new beauty products, based on your zodiac sign. To sweeten the deal, each beauty product below is a thoroughly tested, newly minted winner of a 2021 Elite Daily Glow Beauty Award.

In September, Jupiter’s energy will be hitting all the signs hard. You’ll feel powerful, creative, and independent — not a bad way to start the school year. At the beginning of the month, Mars and Neptune will be opposite one another in Virgo and Pisces, respectfully. This means that your desire to dream and fantasize could create some tension with your drive to complete tasks. Story of your life, right? Treating yourself to one of the below newest beauty products, however, will allow you to create some self-care time for all your dreaming and leave you refreshed and ready to tackle everything on your to-do list.

Now that you have a general sense what the stars will bring you this Virgo season, let’s talk your little beauty present, shall we? As a Taurus, I find myself to be an ideal picker of treat-yourself products. So, sit back, relax, and see what this new season will bring your sign both from the stars and from the beauty shop.

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Head back to school with a bad*ss new lipstick.

As always, Aries, you are ready to take down any challenge that you face. Backed with all the power Jupiter is sending down, you likely feel ready to set the whole world ablaze. That’s why you need a sultry, deep red lipstick to take back to school with you. Channel Taylor Swift and get ready to set some fires with this liquid lipstick in the appropriately named shade “Bated Breath.”



Get your back-to-school glow on with a luxurious mask.

Although you may find yourself wanting to be sucked into daydreams more often than not this September, school requires you keep both feet on the ground. Luckily, Taureans can find a little escape by adding a soothing, nourishing face mask to the mix. While you detoxify your skin, you have 10 to 20 minutes to totally check out and relax.



Time to *glow* back to school.

Geminis are always bustling from one hobby, one friend group, one career to the next, bigger thing. With so much to do, you need that one thing to easily give you a glow that’ll bounce with you from point A to point B. To make your mornings as simple as possible, opt for good light’s Milky Toning Lotion to get a quick, lasting. glowy complexion that will help you feel put-together and get out the door ASAP.



Kick back and relax after class with a hair mask.

As Cancers are ruled by the moon, things like comfort, self-care, and home are all cornerstones of what makes the water sign feel good. Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Hydration Mask is just the excuse you need to spend an extra 10 minutes in the shower. It’s made without gluten, silicone, parabens, or sulfates, so you can be sure you’re giving your hair (and yourself) everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.



You don’t have to lose your sun-kissed bronze.

Leos love the spotlight, and the spotlight loves a Leo. When getting ready to step out on the red carpet — or, uh, the steps leading up to your school — you need Patrick Ta’s Creme Bronzer Duo to get that sun-kissed look. The creamy formula is luxurious to the touch, and the luminous finish makes you look as radiant as you always feel.



If you’ll be typing up a storm, make sure your manicure is on point.

Virgos generally love to be meticulous, and messy notes can blow up a perfectionist’s dream pretty quickly — as can a chipped mani. So, when everything feels like its falling apart, you can take a step back and treat yourself to a manicure with JINsoon’s Palma before you settle in for a long night of typing up your notes and study guides in perfect order.



Make your cheeks match your rose-colored glasses.

Ruled by Venus, Libras love beauty, art, and money. You have a special place in your heart for anything that feels opulent and lush, and you do your best to see the world through that gorgeous, rosy lens, too. When bringing color to your cheeks, consider snagging Drunk Elephant’s new O-Bloos Rosi Drops. It’s made with omega fatty acids, so your skin’s moisture barrier while remain in harmony while you’re looking rosy as can be.



Grab an eyeliner that’s as bold as you are.

Much like a scorpion, Scorpios have an undeniable venomous side that can be deep and dark as the depths of the ocean. To flaunt your enigmatic and seductive nature, Kulfi Beauty’s Kajal Eyeliner allows you to create graphic shapes that won’t budge from your eyelids. Nothing goes better with your perfectly arched eyebrow than a sharp eyeliner wing.



Light up the room with a blinding highlighter.

Sagittarians are, at their core, bouncy, spontaneous, and restless. As it’s second nature for a Sag to want to change up their look consistently. Enter: Drybar’s The Mixologist, which allows you to experiment between several different types of bouncy, voluminous curls with just one tool.



De-stress with a nourishing oil.

The most driven, ambitious, and determined zodiac sign is decidedly Capricorn. Your workaholic tendencies are about to be put to the test this school year; however, you need to give yourself a little TLC, even if it’s small. Bad Habit’s Hemp Facial Oil uses lavender and geranium to soothe your skin while the rest of the formula helps and deeply moisturizes inflamed skin, stressed-out skin. You can keep your busy life and still find time to relax by introducing this easy addition to your routine.



Lean into your eccentric side — don’t fight it.

The rebels of the Zodiac are not about to blend into standard makeup conventions, nor should they. Instead, Aquarians deserve a product that’s as unique and eccentric as they are. The multi-chrome, high impact Twin Flames liquid eyeshadows from Danessa Myricks Beauty have an ethereal, bold quality no Aquarius will be able to resist.



Give what’s on your head as much attention as what’s in it.

Pisces are constantly torn between their fantastical ideals and the harshness of reality, which Neptune and Mars’ opposition will only aggravate, especially so since Pisces is ruled by Neptune. If you find yourself needing to slip away to your inner world for a bit, here’s what to do: Take a break, place your feet firmly on the ground in the shower, and massage your scalp with Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Scalp Scrub to ensure you’re giving your physical body the same attention you’re giving your thoughts.

It may or may not be *actually* written in the stars, but your back-to-school cart is begging for you to add one of these treats to your everyday routine.